About Us

The Indian Marketplace is flooded with thousands of products in each category and finding the right product from the lot that fits in your budget is definitely a tedious job.

And, the task becomes worse if you’ve a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality of the product. Isn’t it?

Well, that is where our blog (HomeDynamo.com) comes handy.

Who We Are?

Team HighMark

We are a team of 6 Product Reviewers and 3 Content Editors, all dedicated to provide you with a 1-stop solution, a site to turn to when you’re searching for something to buy online.

From Room Heaters to Air Purifiers and Kitchen Chimneys to Washing Machines, we compare the top products in different categories to provide you the most reliable advice without going crazy.

How Do We Choose the Best Products?

Product Review Checklist

Our dedicated team of reviewers will compare the top 25 products in every category and handpick the top 10 products based on the pre-defined quality guidelines that we also mention in their respective buyer guides (articles itself)..

And, when listing those 10 products, we also provide you with the pros and cons of each product along with the price so that you can decide which item to purchase.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Trustworthy HighMark Ratings

We are totally unbiased and have even taken the oath to never promote any product on our website for money.

And, these are the same products we’d choose for ourselves or our family friends.

However, we get a tiny commission for every sale we refer to Amazon, Flipkart or other sites, but that doesn’t affect our listing one bit.

These earnings (commissions) help us maintain our hosting servers, infrastructure, purchasing of the products for review and to pay for our team of reviewers (salary).

We care more about our readers than the short-term money that we get for referring the sponsored products.

Your trust is the only source/fuel that drives us forward.

Rest assured, the gadgets or home appliances that we recommend are unbiased. Anyways, you can always contact us, in case of any queries or doubts regarding the purchase of new products in any category

– Team HomeDynamo

Author NameRole
Radha KrishnaMain Admin (Tech Blogger)
Manjula KrishnaEditor/Reviewer (Kitchen Appliances)
JagadishReviewer (Home Appliances)
Murali KrishnaReviewer (Fitness Equipment)