Purchasing the best washing machine in India is a tiresome job in case if you don’t have the basic information on what type of machine to choose from.

Well, don’t worry! We have you covered.

In this article, let us discuss the differences between a top loading washing machine and a front loading washing machine with in-depth details.

Once you’re done with the article, you’ll definitely get a clear picture of what type of washing machine suits your needs.

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine: Which is Better?

Difference Between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines

Washing Machine FactorsFront LoadTop Load
1.DesignLoad clothes from the frontLoad clothes from the top
2.Water Usage (Wash)LessMore
3.Water Usage (Rinse)LessMore
5.Energy EfficiencyLess PowerMore Power
6.Longevity of ClothesYesNo
7.User-ConveniencePartially, YesYes
8.Last Min AdditionsNoYes
10.CostHighLow to Moderate

To make you understand the difference between the two washing machine types, we’ve taken a few factors to compare.

1.Design of the Machine

As the name suggests, you load the clothes from the front side in the front loading machine while the drum sits horizontally with the motor behind it.

Whereas, in the top loading machine, the drum sits vertically with the motor beneath it and you load the clothes from the top.

2.Water Usage for Washing Clothes

The front load washing machines do not require a lot of water as the rotating drum turns the clothes back into the water.

Whereas, the top load washing machine requires adding enough water until all the clothes are immersed completely.

So, you’ll find that the top load machines use 3x the quantity of water compared to the front load machines.

3.Water Usage for Rinsing Clothes

Same applies here as well. The front-load machine just sprays water while rotating the drum and hence it require less water.

Whereas, the top-load machine needs more quantity of water for rinsing.

4.Washing Machine Loading Capacity

Since it does not contain an agitator, the front loading washing machines has more capacity whereas the top load machines come with agitators and has less capacity.

5.Energy Efficiency

The front loading washing machines run for longer periods but at slower speeds.

So, they do not require much energy when compared with top loading ones.

You can also find washing machines with Inverter technology.

6.Longevity of Clothes

The function of agitators is to twist and turn the clothes in different directions in order the wash the clothes thoroughly.

It is the reason why you find more entangled clothes in the top-loading machines.

This could damage the fabric and reduces the longevity of the clothes.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the front-loading washing machines. The clothes remain intact and stay longer.

7.Ergonomically Friendly

You need to bend down to add or remove clothes from a front-loading machine, while you can simply add clothes while standing erect.

So, people with back pain issues tend to choose the top-load machines for this special reason.

However, this problem can be solved by placing the front-loading washing machine on a pedestal or stool.

8.Last Minute Additions

This is the biggest drawback of a front-loading machine.

You cannot add or remove clothes in the middle of a washing session.

While, you can add or remove clothes from a top-loading machine and the cycle resumes once you close the lid.

9.Reliability or Maintenance

The agitator is tougher on the hardware of the machine and since top load washers have more parts, the maintenance is also very high.

So, the top-load machines require more maintenance than the front-loading machines.

10.Washing Machine Cost

The cost of the front-loading washing machine is higher when compared to a top-loading washing machine.

But, you’ll save more on electricity bills since the front-load machines are energy efficient.

So, plan with the future benefits in mind and not based on the current scenario.

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machines (In a Nutshell)

Here is a quick summary of both the types of washing machines:

Front Loading Washing Machines:

  • Has more luxury features
  • More energy efficient
  • Uses less water
  • Gentle on clothes
  • Cleans better
  • Produces less noise
  • Not so convenient for people with back pain
  • Can’t load clothes in the middle of a cycle
  • A little expensive

Top-Loading Washing Machines:

  • Less expensive
  • Has decent features
  • Convenient for all people
  • Can add/remove clothes in the middle of a cycle
  • More maintenance
  • Harsh on clothes
  • Produces more noise
  • Uses more water

Conclusion: Which is Better? Top Load or Front Load?

Undoubtedly, the front-load washing machines are the best as they’re more durable, has less damage to clothes, consumes less power, wastes less water, has more capacity and requires less maintenance.