Not just in the water purifiers, you’ll see the activated carbon filters used in the air purifiers as well.

These filters remove bad odour from the water and also make it tastier to drink.

Likewise, they can also purify the air inside your room, when used in an air purifier device.

What is Activated Carbon Filter?

As the name implies, these are the air purifier filters that contain activated carbon as the base element.

Activated Carbon Filter Compressor in Air Purifiers

The Activated carbon comes in the form of granular/powdered carbon piece that is treated to be extremely porous.

In fact, the more porous it is, the more efficient is the filtering process.

1 gram of activated carbon could easily fill a 100 acre surface area.

That shows how good its filtering capacity is.

How Does the Activated Carbon Filter Work?

The carbon filtering process makes use of the carbon to remove any harmful impurities or contaminants using a technique called ‘Absorption’.

In the Absorption technique, the volatile organic compounds in the air come in a chemical reaction with the activated carbons and stick to the filter.

This traps the gases and bad odour.

The harmful impurities that the activated carbon filters can remove are:

  • Odour
  • Smoke and other gases
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Chlorine
  • Sediments
  • Herbicides and Pesticides

The air passes to the HEPA filter and PM 2.5 filter only after it gets rid of bad odor and other contaminants through the carbon filter so that you can breathe pure air.

Different Types of Activated Carbon Filter

There are different types of activated carbon filters such as:

  • Activated Coconut Carbon Filter
  • Carbon sources from wood or peat
  • Carbon filter with compounds like magnesium dioxide and copper oxide
  • Etc..

Of all these types, the Activated Coconut Carbon Filters contain carbon from the coconut shell with pores in the micro-pore range and are said to be the most effective ones.

The carbons sourced from wood or peat have pores in the macro and mesopore range.

Whereas, the carbon filters with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide can eliminate harmful compounds like ozone, carbon monoxide and ethylene oxide from the air.

The latest Mi air purifiers are having the ‘Activated Coconut Carbon Filters’ as of now.

  • Traps volatile organic compounds and harmful gases efficiently
  • Removes bad odour from the air
  • Many different types of activated carbon filters available in the market
  • Eliminates dangerous compounds like ozone, ethylene oxide and carbon monoxide
  • Can only trap chemicals that the carbon can attract. So, cannot eliminate other pollutants like fluorides, nitrates, sodium etc…
  • Short life span; Should be replaced often


The Activated Carbon Filters are a must in both air purifiers and water purifiers as they remove bad odour and eliminate harmful compounds from the air and water.