Amazon India is undoubtedly the best thing that happened to many as you can get any product you can think of, ranging from Home Appliances to Tech Gadgets, without going to the market, that too at the best price that is usually cheaper than your local market price.

However, you can save even more on your online shopping from Amazon India by spending wisely.

Who doesn’t like to save their hard-earned money, if there is an option?

Remember the proverb – A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.

And, in this article, we’ll find out the different ways through which you can save money on Amazon India, that too legally.

Amazon Money Saving Hacks for Indians

Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on Amazon India

I have been using these hacks from many years and have got the products for a better deal for myself without cheating anyone or Amazon.

I just spent my money wisely without buying in a hurry and by waiting for the right time (sale) to buy.

1. Add Funds to Your Amazon Wallet

Like the Google Pay or Paytm, Amazon too has entered the online payment service segment, using which you can pay directly without waiting for the bank servers to confirm the payment.

The Amazon Pay is a service where you add funds to your account just like the bank and use that money to purchase the items from Amazon or even to pay your mobile or electricity bills.

This service is beneficial especially if you’re waiting in queue for the flash sales, where every second counts.

amazon pay account

And, another interesting thing about the Amazon Pay is that you’ll get amazing cashback every time you load your Amazon wallet for future purchases.

I recently got a mail from Amazon about the offer – Add balance & get 10% cashback, with maximum up to Rs.250.

So, I immediately loaded my wallet with Rs.2500 and received the Rs.250 cashback into my account. Now, I have indirectly saved 10% on my future shopping.

Cashback Offer Availability: Amazon Wallet Cashback offers are usually announced at the end of every month between 28 to 30, which is when most people receive their salary.

So, recharge your wallet when you find such offers in your mail and save money instantly without any coupon codes or promo codes.

2. Use Amazon Gift Cards to Send Money

Not many people knew that there is an option to send ‘Amazon Gift Cards‘ to their loved ones instead of money on special occasions like Anniversaries, Birthdays etc…

Using these gift cards, they can shop for their favorite products directly on Amazon website or app.

amazon india gift cards

Amazon gives up to 10% cashback (max Rs.100) on your purchase of Amazon Gift Cards.

This ways, both you and your loved ones will get benefited.

Offer Availability: Always/Everyday

So, next time when you wanted to buy something for your loved ones and wondering what they like, simply give them these gift cards and they’ll buy what they actually want.

3. Get Free Delivery of Goods

Amazon usually charges for the delivery if the ordered value is less than Rs.599.

In such cases, just add any product you like, to compensate for the balance amount (Rs.599) and you’ll get the delivery for free of cost.

Say for example, if you wanted to buy a mobile case worth Rs.499, then add some other product worth Rs.100 to your cart and you’ll then get it delivered for free.

Once received, keep the item if you like it or simply return it.

4. Become a Prime Member

The above hack can be used for occasional shopping but if you’re regular online shopper on Amazon like me, then you can get benefited by the ‘Amazon Prime Membership‘.

amazon prime membership india

When you subscribe to the Prime membership, you can avail several benefits such as:

  • Free 1-day, 2-day and Standard delivery on all the eligible items irrespective of their price.
  • No minimum order (Rs.599) requirement for free delivery.
  • Early access to the lightning deals, 30-minutes before it starts for non-prime members.
  • Unlimited streaming through Prime Video and Music apps.
  • Earn unlimited 5% reward points and No-Cost EMI options using Amazon Pay ICICI credit card.
  • Unlimited access to eligible eBooks, comics and more

You can try Amazon Prime free for 30-days, before deciding to pay for 3 months or yearly subscription, if you like it.

Using the Prime membership, you are not only saving on your delivery charges, but also getting access to the latest movies and web series without going to the theaters, which may add up to your costs in the form of ticket prices, snacks, fuel expenses and so on…

So, you’re saving a lot more money than you can actually imagine with the Prime account.

5. Shop During Great Indian Sale

The Amazon Great Indian Sale is where you can get huge discounts on the products.

Additionally, you would also get up to 10-15% cashback when you purchase the items through selected debit/credit cards or using the Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon Great Indian Sale

And, this is one of the best times to save money on Amazon shopping.

Tip: Instead of using the credit/debit card which gives you just 10% cashback, load your Amazon Wallet and pay using that amount so that you can get 10% cashback for loading and another 10-15% for shopping.

Offer Availability: Every month, usually in the middle for 3 days. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen for 2-3 months when there are other days like the ‘Great Indian Festivals sales’.

6. Wait for Great Indian Festival Sale

This is similar to the Great Indian Sale but happens only during the festive seasons like Diwali, Christmas, Dussehra etc…

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

You get huge discounts on the products as well as the cashback offer from the banks.

However, like I said above, try to make use of the Amazon Pay hack.

Offer Availability: Only during the Festive seasons, for 3 days.

7. Shop Daily Use Products During ‘Super Value Day’

ICICI bank customers can avail this awesome ‘Super Value Day‘ offer using their debit/credit cards.

amazon super value days

They usually offer up to 35-50% OFF on groceries and daily needs in addition to the cashback of up to Rs.1200 on your purchases.

Offer Eligibility: You’ll need to pay using the ICICI debit/credit card or net banking and the minimum order should be Rs.1500 in order to be eligible for the offer. If you don’t have ICICI account, then you can make use of your Amazon Pay account.

Offer Availability: Every month (1st to 7th)

8. Make Use of Your Credit Card for Shopping

Most people are usually afraid of using the credit cards as they think that credit cards would make them spend more.

Yes, this is partly true. But, when you use them wisely, you can actually save a lot of money too.

And, when it comes to credit cards, online shopping is what comes to the minds of every one. Isn’t it?

amazon super value days

Yes, the banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Yes Bank, Standard Chartered Bank etc… are offering huge cashbacks of up to 10-15% when you used their cards to buy something from the eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc…

And, you can use this offer to your advantage and save money on your purchases.

Say for example, during the Diwali sale, Amazon is running a sale where the HDFC credit card users will get up to 10% cashback on their purchases. Then, you can either use you SBI card or your friend’s card to purchase the products you wanted for 10% discount.

Usually, the maximum cashback these banks offer is Rs.1500.

So, you can save up to Rs.1500 on your purchase of Rs.15000 worth of products.

Additionally, you will also earn reward points on the amount you spend using your credit card.

Offer Availability: Mostly during the Amazon Special Sales

9. Purchase the Items When Price is Slashed

If you find no promotional offers or great Indian sales and you’re not in a hurry, then just add the products either to your Shopping Cart or Wish list without buying.

And, Amazon will send you email notifications in case if there is any change in the prices of the products you have in your wish list or shopping cart.

Most of the time, I found that the prices are slashed by Amazon as they don’t want to lose you to their competitors.

This way, you can save a lot, depending on the total value of your products.

And, don’t forget to pay using your Amazon balance to avail additional discount.

10. Subscribe to Items You Buy Regularly

There are some daily use products on Amazon like groceries, health & personal care, baby product, beauty products etc…. that have the ‘Subscribe & Save‘ option.

And, when you subscribe, you can save up to 5% on all the eligible products.

amazon subscribe and save

Just select the option ans choose the quantity and frequency of delivery from 1 to 6 months.

You’ll be able to save at least couple of hundreds using this hack when compared to purchasing without the subscription method.

Final Word:

These are the top 10 ways to save money on Amazon shopping in India that I personally use and follow.

Hope you too utilize these methods and spend your hard-earned money wisely.

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