The 3D Pens are the best alternatives to students and tech enthusiasts who find the desktop 3D printers expensive.

Best 3D Printing Pen India

These 3D printing pens are not only budget-friendly but also come in compact (portable) sizes and are suitable for kids and adults as well.

However, do not expect to print high-end 3D models using these portable printing pens as they are good for creating or fixing day to day objects, suitable for artists, designers, children and for regular home use.

If you’re serious about printing medium to large size objects with ultra-fine or minute detailing, then you should invest in a good 3D printer.

Top 6 Best 3D Pens in India

Top 3D Printing PensReviews
1.Idrawing 3D Doodler Pen (The Best)Best 3D Pen for Artists
2.WOL 3D Ganesha 3D PenBest 3D Pen for Kids/Professionals
3.Wol 3D ITouch 3D PenBest 3D Drawing Pen for Educators
4.Anet Handled 3D Printer PenLightweight 3D Pen with LCD Display
5.REES52 3D Printing PenBudget 3D Doodler Pen with Display
6.Insight 3D PenMost Affordable 3D Pen
Note: You can always buy additional 3D printing filaments of different colors on

Best 3D Printing Pens in India

1. iDrawing 3D Printing Doodler Pen

The Idrawing 3D pen is the most & best rated doodler pen on Amazon, which is available in two color variants – Wood (Root Play) and Blue (Fast Play).

It is very easy to operate and you can switch between different filament types using the dedicated switch.

Idrawing 3D Pen with wood filament

It comes with a patented nozzle that prevents burns and hence is safe to use even by the children.

The non-blocking nozzle is also ideal for smooth printing of 3D objects.

It comes with adjustable speed control option up to 9 levels.

This 3D printer pen comes with auto-shutdown feature that turns off the device if it is inactive for 5 minutes.

You can power the 3D pen using the USB power adapter and use it like a regular pen for the drawing the objects in 3D.

You also get a pen holder, USB cable (1.5m), 2 x 15g (5m) wood filament packs and a user manual to get started.

It weighs around 322 grams and comes with 10 days of warranty from the manufacturer.

2. WOL 3D Ganesha 3D Pen for Kids

The Wol 3D Ganesha is a kid-friendly 3D printing pen that is safe & easy to operate.

It comes with an LED screen to monitor the stats and settings.

WOL 3D Ganesha 3D Pen

You can use PLA/ABS filament to print the objects in real-time. There is also a button to switch the model or filament type according to your needs.

This pen is extremely lightweight (48.5 gms) when compared to a normal 3D pen.

You also get free filament and face shield protection for kids.

The pen comes with adjustable speed settings (fast/slow) and also has an option to switch temperature (165 to 235 degree Celsius).

You can use a regular USB charger cable to power the device.

3. ITouch 3D Pen for Kids & Professionals

The iTouch is another 3D printing pen model from the brand ‘Wol 3D’, but it designed for both kids and professionals to design creative arts and crafts.

ITouch 3D Pen

You get a USB charger with cable and a pen stand along with 3 PLA filaments of 5m each for free.

You can also print on the paper using this pen.

It has auto-switch temperature modes that change based on the filament type used. It turns on low temperature when using PLA filaments and high temperature for ABS filaments.

You will be getting a free face shield that is made specially for kids

4. Anet Simple Handled 3D Printer Pen

The Anet 3D pen comes from a popular brand ‘3 Idea Imagine Create Print’ that makes high-quality 3D printing pens specially for kids/children.

3 Idea Anet Handheld 3D pen

This handheld 3D pen can be charged using any USB port power supply and can work wirelessly too.

You get 2 rolls of 5 meters each x 1.75mm PCL filament, which is environment friendly when compared to PLA or ABS filament.

The pen comes with an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and draw for long periods.

There is an LCD screen on the pen where you can monitor the speed (3 levels) and temperature (60-90 ℃) settings along with the printing status.

The 3D pen weighs around 52 gms (lightweight) and you can choose from various colors.

You get up to 1 year of manufacturer warranty on any defects.

5. REES52 3D Pen with LCD Screen

The REES52 is another popular brand for 3D drawing/doodling that is suitable for both kids and adults.

REES52 3D Printing Pen

It comes with an LCD display screen that help you monitor your printing progress and other settings.

You can adjust the temperature and speed settings using the dedicated buttons to print the object in best quality.

There is also a reverse button to undo the print as long as it is not fixed.

It supports both ABS and PLA filament types and also comes with 3 x 1.75mm filament for free along with the pen.

The 3D pen is available in Blue and Purple colors. You also get a proprietary charger to power the pen.

6. Insight 3D Printing Pen

The Insight 3D Pen is the cheapest of all but comes with good specifications.

It is helpful in drawing objects and sketch concepts of architect designs.

Insight 3D Doodler Pen

You can also use it to teach the kids about 3D printing technology without burning your pocket.

There is an option to adjust the printing speed and temperature to get the best output.

It is easy to operate and is safe to use by the kids under supervision of adults.

It is available in various color options like Purple, Yellow, Pink and Blue.

You get a USB charger, pen holder, free PLA filament and a user manual to get started.

It supports both PLA (170℃) and ABS (230℃) filaments.

The 3D pen weighs around 180 gms, which is very less compared to other models.

3D Pen Buying Guide India

Before actually purchasing the 3D pen, it is highly advised to know the basics and the factors you need to know & consider to pick the right product that is worth your money.

What is a 3D Pen?

A 3D printing pen looks similar to a pen, but comes in bulkier sizes.

It allows you to print 3D objects in real-time and unlike the 3D printers, these 3D pens doesn’t require a computer connection or files.

You can simply bring life to your imagination by just drawing in the air or on any object you like.

How Does a 3D Printer Pen Works?

Unlike the regular pen that works with ink, the 3D pens use plastic filament as the printing material.

The filament is inserted into the pen from the input point.

It goes through a heating process after which it turns to liquid and comes out of the output point.

You can then start writing (draw) on anything like you use the traditional pens.

The output liquid filament turns into solid once cooled down and it gets hardened to form the object that you drew.

These pens can print on almost all the surfaces and come with an option to use multiple colored filaments to make your drawing more colorful and realistic.

What is the Price of a 3D Pen in India?

Unlike the 3D printers, the 3D printing pens are very affordable and starts from Rs.1500 and goes up to Rs.5000, depending on the brand, filament type, display options etc…

Features to Look for in a 3D Pen

Like with every electronic product, the 3D printer pens come with a few additional features like:

  • LCD Display: Most of the latest 3D pens come with a built-in LCD/LED monitor to display the printing stats and settings. If you don’t have budget constraints, then try to pick the device with a display.
  • Filament Type: The most common filament used in the 3D pens is plastic filament. However, you should always ensure that the filament you use should be easily replaceable and less expensive.
  • Control Type: Some pens come with the support to control the drawing speed, adjustable temperature and a few other intelligent control option that help create more beautiful objects with minute details.

Popular 3D Pen Manufacturers

Lastly, only choose from the best 3D pen brands in India such as WOL 3D, IDrawing, REES52, Insight3D etc… as they offer good build-quality and their filaments are always in stock.

3D Pen Beginner FAQs

Are 3D Pens Safe to Use?

A 3D pen works by melting the plastic filament, which when touched while using can cause severe skin burns. So, as long as you keep yourself or the kids away from touching the hot end (tip), you are good to go.

That is why it is highly advised to watch your kids while using the pen or at least give them proper guidance of how to use the 3D pen.

What is the Best 3D Pen for kids?

A 3D pen can get to a maximum temperature of up to 185 degree Celsius and the lowest is 85 degree Celsius. You can monitor the temperature readings on the LED display of the 3D pen.

How long does a 3D pen last?

With proper usage and maintenance, a good branded 3D pen could last up to 5 years.

What does a 3D pen stick to?

The 3D printing pens can stick to almost all surfaces, and are especially good with other plastic objects.

Can you draw using a 3D pen on paper?

Of-course, yes. You can draw on the paper like a regular pen by holding your 3D pen’s tip. Once your image/object is finished, you can just peel it off from the paper.

Can we use 3D printer’s filament in a 3D pen?

Yes, most 3D pens support the use of ABS and PLA filaments that are also used in the 3D printers. So, check whether your model supports it.


That’s the end of the List of Best 3D Pens in India for drawing 3D objects in real-time. Choose the one that fits your budget and personal/professional requirements.

Lastly, remember one thing – Don’t think of these 3D pens as an alternative to the 3D printing machines as the latter ones are for commercial use. Hope you understand the difference between the two and choose the one accordingly.