Are you looking for the best oil extraction machine for home use in India? Well, then you have landed on the right article.

Using an oil press maker, you can produce 100% organic and pure vegetable oil that is free from harmful chemicals.

Best Mini Oil Press Machine India

Best Cold Press Oil Extraction Machines in India

Oil Press MachinesCapacityMotor PowerWarranty
1.Savaliya Cold Press Oil Machine (The Best Overall)3 to 6 Kg/hr400 Watt2 Years
2.EcoSmart Organic Oil Press Machine (Runner Up)4 to 8 Kg/hr600 Watt1.5 Years
3.Shreeja SHCP17 Oil Maker Machine (Best under 20000)3 to 6 Kg/hr400 Watt1 Year
4.Gorek GT-4T Automatic Oil Maker Machine3 to 6 Kg/hr400 Watt1 Year
5.Organic Oil Master Oil Pressing Machine3 to 4 Kg/hr400 Watt1 Year
6.Vishvas VI-582 Automatic Oil Extractor Machine4 to 8 Kg/hr600 Watt1 Year
7.Buti Oil & Masala Extractor Machine1 to 2 Kg/hr520 Watt1 Year

Hope, you’re now ready to make a worthy investment. If you have time, please go through our detailed Buying Guide and FAQs to get a better idea about what factors to choose in an oil press machine.

Benefits of Having Oil Press Machine at Home

  • Can produce fresh, pure and healthy edible oil without any preservatives or harmful chemicals anytime you want.
  • Supports oil extraction from different varieties of seeds and nuts as per your wish.
  • No more worries about unadulterated oils.
  • Temperature adjustment helps you choose between hot press or cold press oil for additional health benefits.
  • After pressing, the left-over seeds turn into a solid cake form. It is very rich in protein and fiber. You can use the husk or residual cake in your recipes for better nutrition or simply use the excess pulp as organic manure for your home plants.

Best Oil Extraction Machine for Home in India

1. Savaliya Cold Press Oil Machine

Savaliya Industries is a reputed home and kitchen appliance brand based out of Surat, Gujarat, India.

They are mainly popular for their home made oil maker machines that come with strong and durable build quality.

Savaliya Oil Press Machine

This multi-functional cold press oil maker comes with ABS plastic and 304 stainless steel material.

None of ingredients would get in contact with the plastic parts of the machine, thereby ensuring that the oil is of 100% purity.

You can use different raw materials such as groundnut, almond, sunflower seeds, coconut, sesame, mustard, soybean etc… to make the oil.


The Savaliya oil extraction machine has a capacity of 3 to 6 Kg/hr.

The machine is easy to clean and operate without making too much noise like the several other brands.

You can choose either hot or cold pressing options depending on your requirement.

If you select the cold press option, then the temperature should be kept at 100⁰C, whereas the same should be kept at 190⁰C for hot pressing. These are the ideal temperatures to extract the oil without losing its purity and aroma.

Motor Power:

The machine operates at 220 V and consumes less than 1 unit per hour. It has a motor power of 400 Watt, which is very efficient to extract oils from different quality seeds.


The oil maker weighs around 4.8 Kg, which is considered lightweight and portable in its segment.

You can operate the machine using Smart Voice prompts and it will automatically stop once done with producing the oil.

Also do note that you need to give 1 hour of rest after using it continuously for 10 hours.

The manufacturer offers up to 2 year of warranty on the product and you can always contact them regarding any issues/queries @ 1800 572 2021 on all working days.

  • Best Oil Maker for Home under Rs.25000
  • Smart Voice Prompt (Automatic Operation)
  • 50% Oil Yielding Capacity
  • Hot Press and Cold Press Options
  • Material: Stainless Steel (Internal); ABS Plastic (External)
  • Lightweight and Portable (4.8 Kgs)
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Ingredients like Olives, Rice etc.. need special attention

2. EcoSmart Organic Oil Press Machine

EcoSmart is another home electronic appliance brand that has a lineup of Eco-friendly products at its sleeve.

The EcoSmart oil extracting machine works with almost all types of ingredients (seeds) and comes at an affordable price.

EcoSmart 600 Watt Oil Extractor Machine

The device comes with food grade stainless steel material that ensures pure and hygienic oil.

It works at a temperature ranging from 270 to 280⁰ C to extract the oil.


The machine comes with extraction capacity of up to 4 to 8 kg/hr, which is pretty useful.

Motor Power:

The EcoSmart oil pressing device comes with a motor power of 600 Watt, which is considered excellent as you can easily extract oil even from hard ingredients like Coconut, Olives etc…


The EcoSmart oil maker is a bit heavy at around 13 Kg. But, considering the size of the machine, it seems normal.

The company suggests giving the machine rest for 1 hour after using it for 5 to 6 hours continuously.

It comes with 18 months of warranty from the manufacturer if you encountered any issues/defects with the product.

  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Material
  • Digital Temperature Adjustment
  • 50% Oil Extraction Efficiency
  • 600 Watt Motor Power
  • Less Noise
  • Need 1 hour rest for every 5-6 hours of usage
  • Service centers are very limited in numer

3. Shreeja SHCP17 Oil Maker Machine

Shreeja Healthcare Products are one among the top oil press machine brands in India. The SHCP17 is their best oil extractor under Rs.20000 budget.

Shreeja Oil Press Maker

They also come with durable build made of 304 food grade stainless steel material.


The machine comes with a decent handling capacity of 3 to 6 kg/hr, depending on the ingredients used.

For regular ingredients like peanuts, sesame, vegetable seeds, flax seeds etc… the capacity would be higher. However, for hard ingredients like Coconut or Olives, it handles 3 kg/hr.

Motor Power:

The machine comes with a motor power of 400 Watt and runs on 220V/110V voltage.

It is suggested to give the machine rest for 1 hour after using it continuously for 4 to 5 hours.


The Shreeja oil press maker weighs around 12 kg and comes in a portable size to easily carry around your home.

  • Best under 20000 budget
  • 45 to 50% Yielding Capacity
  • Decent Motor Power (400 W)
  • 3 to 6 Kg/hr Capacity
  • Highly Positive Reviews
  • Made in India Brand
  • Service centers are limited

4. Gorek GT-4T Automatic Oil Maker Machine

Gorek Technologies is another Indian brand that is mainly into the production of Food Processors and Oil maker machines for home and commercial/industrial purposes.

Gorek Oil Press Machine

They have a variety of oil extractors in their product portfolio and the GT-4T automatic oil maker is one among their successful models priced under Rs.20000.


The oil maker comes with a capacity of 3 to 6 Kg/hr and has a higher efficiency coupled with a dual cooling system.

The body is made of 304 food grade stainless steel material with attractive design.

Motor Power:

This home oil extraction machine has got a 400W motor power capacity and it can run on 220V continuously for 5 to 6 hours after which it needs to rest for an hour.


The machine weighs around 10.5 kg and you can easily handle it with a single hand.

The manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty for motor and gearbox. For spare parts, you can always contact their service center.

  • 50% Yeilding Capacity
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Dual Cooling System
  • 3 to 6 Kg/hr Capacity
  • 400 W Motor Power
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Very Limited Company Service Centers; You can however get it serviced by local technicians

5. Organic Oil Master Oil Pressing Machine

The organic oil master is a multi-functional oil extraction machine for home use that is easy to clean and operate with minimal knowledge.

It is made of 316 stainless steel casting that is better compared to 304 stainless steel.


The Organic oil master extraction machine comes with a handling capacity of 3 to 4 kg/hr.

Motor Power:

It has a 400 Watt motor power that can run continuously for 5 to 6 hours and then it needs rest for an hour before restarting.


The machine weighs around 13 kg and it looks pretty attractive with clear metal finishing.

  • 45% Extraction Rate
  • 306 Food Grade Stainless Steel Casting
  • Runs Continuously for 5-6 hours
  • 400W Motor Power
  • Easy to Operate
  • Less capacity compared to other models
  • Not suitable for coconut oil extraction in heavy quantities

6. Vishvas VI-582 Automatic Oil Extractor Machine

The Vishvas oil press maker machine comes with a 304 food grade stainless steel casting and inner body that is free from any rust.

Vishvas Oil Maker Machine

Using the machine is very easy. You just need to turn on the device and then adjust the temperature according to the ingredients used.

The locking mechanism ensures the safety of the user and you should remember not to start this machine without locking it first.


The VI-582 automatic oil extraction machine has a handling capacity of 4 to 8 kg/hr and it is extremely useful for producing pure, chemical-free oil in large quantities for home use.

Motor Power:

The 600W motor is efficient enough to extract oil from hard ingredients like Olives and Coconut.

It requires 1 hour of rest for every 4 to 5 hours of usage.


The machine weighs around 15 Kg and looks attractive with easy to carry handles on the top.

  • Suitable for Coconut, Olives and Walnut Oil Extraction
  • 4 to 8 Kg/hr Capacity
  • 45 to 50% Yielding Rate
  • 600 W Motor Power
  • Easy to Operate
  • Needs rest of 1hr for every 4 to 5 hours but since the load capacity is higher, it may not be a problem for some
  • No warranty

7. Buti Oil and Masala Extractor Machine

The Buti oil/masala extractor is the cheapest of all the oil press machines in our list.

However, it comes with an option to extract masala powder out of the ingredients like Cinnamon, Coriander, Chili etc…

Buti Oil and Powder Extraction Machine

This multi-purpose machine is very easy to clean and use plus it supports both hot press and cold press oil extraction.


The bowl capacity of this machine is just 1 to 2 Kg/hr and hence it is recommended only for those with light use.

Motor Power:

It comes with a 520W capacity motor and the operating voltage is 220 Volts.


The machine is very lightweight and portable at just 6 Kg.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Hot Press and Cold Press Oil Extractor
  • Oil and Masala Powder Extraction Mechanism
  • 4 to 6 hours of Continuous usage
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Not recommended for coconut/almond oil extraction
  • Less oil extraction capacity (Only for those with light usage)

Why Should You Buy the Oil Press Machine?

In order to explain the benefits of an oil extractor device in simple terms, let us take an example of the most commonly used oil – the groundnut oil.

Well, 1 liter of any groundnut oil in the market will cost you anywhere from Rs.150 to Rs.250 max, depending on the brand.

But, do you know how much groundnut is needed to produce 1 liter of oil?

You’ll need to grind 2.5 kg of groundnut in order to produce 1 liter of groundnut oil.

And, 1 kg of organic raw groundnut costs around Rs.250. So, you’ll need to spend around Rs.625 for 2.5 kg of groundnut to produce 1 liter oil.

Even if the manufacturer has procured groundnut at Rs.90 to 100 per kg. It takes around Rs.250 just to get the oil. And, what about the charges for production, bottling, packing, labor, maintenance, advertising etc…

Honestly, the manufacturer has to sell his groundnut oil at around Rs.400 to Rs.450 per liter if he has to see some profits.

If you’re paying anything less than that, then you’re simply buying an adulterated groundnut oil that is not at all good for your health in the long run.

Now, just assume, you purchased a good oil extracting machine for home use that costs around Rs.20000, you can then produce the pure organic oil that is chemical-free and is also good for the overall well-being of your family.

Of-course, the initial cost of purchasing the best oil press maker brand in India is a bit high. But, you’ll reap the benefits of healthy seed oil in the long run.

How to Choose the Best Oil Press Machine for Home

Before purchasing an oil press maker, here are a few factors you need to understand so that you can pick the right product that suits your requirement and budget.

1. Types of Oil Press Machines:

There are mainly two types of oil extraction machines we use in India, such as:

A. Screw Oil Press MachineIdeal for Home Use

In an oil extractor with screw press mechanism, the seeds and nuts are put under intense pressure and friction in order to extract the pure oil.

Though there won’t be any external heat supplied in these machines, the seeds however are prone to heat (140-210˚ F) due to friction.

This internal heat due to friction can be handled easily by incorporating cooling technology in the machines.

There are only a handful of brands that offer the cooling technology in their models.

So, always ensure you buy the best screw press machine with a dual cooling system as it retains the most vital properties of the ingredients.

B. Hydraulic Oil Press MachineIdeal for Commercial Use

These hydraulic oil extractors include a combination of traditional and modern oil pressing methods in order to get the best from both.

The seeds/nuts are loaded in the cylinder and it takes anywhere from 5 to 6 minutes to get the extracted oil out of the machine.

However, these hydraulic machines come in large sizes and are hence used for commercial purposes to extract large quantities of oil from the seeds.

2. [Differences] Cold Pressed Oil vs Hot Pressed Oil

The cold pressed oil is extracted from seeds without heating the seeds (low temperatures involved). This retains the flavor and natural aroma of the oil.

Whereas the hot pressed oil is extracted by roasting the seeds first at higher temperatures and then pressed to get the oil. In this case, most of the vital nutrients are lost along with the flavor, color and aroma.

Most of the edible vegetable oil brands that we use in our regular cooking are extracted using hot pressing process because of low product & high oil yielding rate when compared to cold pressing process.

So, if you’re concerned about the long-term health benefits, it is highly advised to buy the best cold press oil machine in India.

3. Other Important Features:

Here are a few other important aspects you need to consider before picking up a good oil press maker for home use.

  1. Oil Extraction Capacity: Ensure that the handling capacity of the machine is high in order to produce more oil in less time. See that the minimum capacity offered is 3 to 8 kg/hr.
  2. Oil Extraction Rate: Yielding capacity means how much oil is extracted from the ingredients. Generally, a good oil maker offers 45 to 50% extraction rate, which is considered ideal.
  3. Motor Power: A good oil expeller machine should have a minimum of 400 to 600 Watts of motor power and it should be able to run continuously for 5 to 8 hours before requiring a rest of 1hour.
  4. Build Material: Since we are dealing with food processing, always ensure that the machine is made of food grade stainless steel material.
  5. Size and Weight: It is a no-brainer. Always, go for an oil extractor machine with moderate weight (5 to 10 Kg) and portable size for easily carrying around in your house from one room to another & depending on your kitchen space.
  6. Noise: The excess noise produced by the machines can be irritating. So, check the noise levels of the machine before purchasing by reading the online user testimonials and reviews.
  7. Price and Warranty: A good oil press machine would cost anywhere between Rs.15000 to Rs.25000. Never look at the cheap ones that are priced under Rs.10000 as they don’t last very long. And, try to look for a product with a minimum warranty of 1 to 2 years on the motor and parts.
  8. After-Sales Support: Refer to the online sites like to find the real user reviews, about how good or bad the customer support is and only then go for it.
  9. Maintenance: Most oil press machines require no or minimal maintenance and the cleaning process should also be easy.
  10. Overload Protection: Lastly, look out for a machine that offers protection against overload.

Well, these are a few important factors you should understand and consider before purchasing the best oil press machine in India.

Oil Press Machine – FAQs

Which brand of oil press machine is best?

The best oil extractor brands for home use in India are – Savaliya, EcoSmart, Shreeka, Organic Oil Master, Gorek and Vishvas.

Which is best, hot press or cold press oil?

Cold pressed oil is always better as it doesn’t involve heating which makes the important nutrients to be taken away, like the hot pressing process. The cold press oil retains the flavor, nutrients and the original aroma.

Should we refine the oil after extraction?

Since the oil is 100% pure and raw, you’ll find some fibers in it. Just leave it for a day or two and the suspended fibers will settle down. You can then take it way using the spoon, if needed. There is no extra refining required.

Are the mini oil press machines worth the money?

Since the market is flooded with adulterated oils that claim to improve your health but act otherwise, having a mini oil extraction machine for home is definitely an added advantage. You can make fresh oil from your favorite seeds without any chemicals, whenever you want.

How much oil can be extracted from 1kg of seeds?

Generally, a good cold press oil maker comes with a yielding capacity of 45 to 50% i.e., 450 to 500 ml of pure oil from 1 kg of seeds. That means, you’ll need 2.5 kg of seeds to make 1 liter of pure organic oil.


Since most of the oil brands in the market are filled with some kind of preservatives and coloring agents that can cause severe health issues after prolonged use, it is highly advised to get the best oil extraction machine for home in India.

In our analysis, we found the Savaliya Cold Press Machine to be the best in India. You can refer to our Detailed Reviews for more details.