The deep freezers or commercial refrigerators are widely used in places where there is a requirement for cold storage to preserve foods for a longer duration, like the supermarkets, general stores, ice cream parlors etc…

It freezes the foods below 0° C in order to make them last for several weeks or months together without getting spoiled.

These are different from the regular refrigerators that you use in your home.

People usually store items like milk, curd, ice creams, cheese, cool drinks etc..that need to be kept at minus degrees in order to increase their lifespan.

These deep freezer refrigerators come in different capacities, depending on the usage and you can also use them for residential food storage purposes as well.

List of Best Deep Freezer Brands in India

Deep Freezer CompanyStorage CapacityFunctionalityWarranty
1.Blue Star Deep Freezer (CHF)100 to 300 LitersSingle Door1 Year
2.Haier Deep Freezer (Convertible)200 LitersDouble Door1 Year
3.Rockwell Chest Freezer250 LitersSingle Door1 Year
4.Godrej Deep Freezer400 to 500 LitersDouble Door1 Year
5.BlueStar Deep Freezer300 to 500 LitersDouble Door1 Year
6.Rockwell Green Deep Freezer450 to 500 LitersDouble Door1 Year
7.Voltas Deep Freezer (Made in India)300 to 500 LitersDouble Door-

Best Deep Freezers in India [Single Door]

Find the reviews of the best deep freezer with a single door and less storage capacity, ideal for home use or small kirana shops with less usage requirements.

1. Blue Star Deep Freezers with Single Door

Blue Star is the most trusted brand in India and they are known for making quality refrigeration products like the Inverter split AC, air purifiers etc..

They are the largest supplier of single door deep freezers with different storage capacities in India

Single Door Blue Star Deep Freezers

These freezers are made with robust construction and non-corrosive protection for heavy usage.

They come with a key lock system for security and a strong handle to open the door.

They are powered by a highly energy efficient compressor that consumes 1.3 to 1.6 units in 24 hours, depending up on its storage capacity.

The Bluestar deep freezers also come with heavy-duty caster wheels to move them from one place to another easily.

Price: Rs.10000 to Rs.25000

Warranty: They come with 1 year of comprehensive warranty and 2 years on the compressor.

Blue Star Customer Care: For any support, do call them @ 1800-209-1177.

  • Most Trusted Brand
  • Energy Efficient
  • Comes in Multiple Storage Capacities
  • Includes Free Basket
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Temperature Range: up to -18° C
  • Nothing specific to mention
Single Door Blue Star Deep Freezers are available in multiple capacities – 100 Liters | 150 Liters | 200 Liters | 300 Liters (Also available in Glass Top Variant).

2. Haier Single Door Deep Freezer with Hard Top

The Haier HCC 230 HC is a convertible deep freezer with a single hard top door that has a gross storage capacity of 198 liters.

Thanks to its convertible technology feature, you can either use it as a deep freezer or as a basic cooler.

Haier Deep Freezer 250 liters

The temperature range of this Haier deep freezer is 10° C to -18° C.

The doors are made in a trapezoid design with high density PU insulation so that the cooling is retained for longer duration of up to 100 hours.

You also get a basket for storing the foods separately inside the freezer.

It is ideal for use in small kirana shops, individual households, modular kitchens and has lower power consumption rating.

Warranty: You get 1 year comprehensive warranty on the freezer and 3 years on the compressor.

Haier Customer Care: For any after-sales support, you can contact them @ 1800-419-9999 or 1800-102-9999 (24/7 – 365 Days).

  • Convertible Feature
  • Higher Cooling Retention of up to 100 hours
  • Castor wheels for easy transportation
  • Temperature Range: 10° C to -18° C
  • Low Power Consumption
  • A bit expensive when compared to the Blue Star model of the same size.

3. Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top

This is a 250 liter single door chest freezer from Rockwell that is compact in size and comes with durable build quality.

It has 14% more storage capacity when compared to regular deep freezers of the same dimensions.

rockwell single door freezer

It is made with a corrosion resistant body (GPSPS sheet) and is built to withstand extreme temperatures.

All the Rockwell freezers undergo computerized OPTIMO test that ensure better performance.

It has air circulation vents on 3 sides for better heat transfer.

And, there are the castor wheels for easy transportation and door lock system for additional security when you’re not around.

Warranty: It comes with 1 year freezer warranty and 2 years compressor warranty.

Rockwell Customer Care: For service support, call 0008000504090 (Toll Free) or  (91) 120 467 1590 from 9 am to 6 pm on all days.

  • 14% more storage compared to regular freezers
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • 3 Side air circulation vents for better heat emission
  • Castor wheels for quick & easy transportation
  • Always out of stock

Best Deep Freezers in India [Double Door]

Find the reviews of the best deep freezers with double doors and more storage capacity, ideal for large supermarkets with heavy usage requirements.

4. Godrej Deep Freezers with Double Doors

Godrej is another best Indian brand that makes deep freezers with large capacities.

Their freezers come with convertible technology and hence you can either use them as a basic cooler or a dedicated freezer.

They come with separate compartments and two doors to pack multiple items without getting mixed up.

Godrej 500 L Deep Freezer

It even has a separate lock for each compartment so that you can secure your items.

Since it is a bit heavy appliance, Godrej has provided heavy-duty wheels that rotate in 360 degrees to make it easier for moving it from one place to another.

It is built to be anti-rodent i.e., it prevents any rodents from getting inside the freezer.

And, with a separate drainage system, it is easy to remove the defrost water.

You also get BPA free food baskets to store your food items.

Thanks to the high density PUF insulation, the cooling is well retained for a very long time, even when there is a power failure.

Price: Rs.30000 to Rs,40000

Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

Godrej Customer Care: For any support, call them @ 18002095511.

  • Convertible deep freezer
  • Dual compartments with Dual doors
  • Separate locks for each section
  • Large storage capacity (500 L)
  • Ideal for supermarkets, godowns etc…
  • Comes with a food basket
  • Easy to clean
  • Godrej needs a bit of improvement in its customer care section
You can also get the Godrej Deep Freejer in 400 L Capacity in case you have medium storage needs.

5. Blue Star Deep Freezers with Double Door

Blue Star deep freezers are also available with double doors and larger capacities.

These come with robust build construction for heavy-duty use and also have a lock system for additional security.

Thanks to the high density PUF insulation, the holding time is longer, even when there is a power cut.

Blue star double door freezers

The Blue Star freezers come with durable castor wheels at the bottom for easy movement. 

There is a strong recessed handle that lets you lift the doors easily.

The body is made of corrosion-resistant protective zinc to prevent any rust, when exposed to moisture.

The compressor is energy-efficient and saves on your electricity bills.

Price: Rs.25000 to Rs.30000

Warranty: They come with 1 year of warranty on the freezer and 2 years on the compressor.

BlueStar Customer Care: For any after-sales support, you can call them @ 1800-209-1177.

  • 500 liter storage capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant Body
  • Energy-efficient Compressor
  • Heavy-duty Caster wheels
  • Longer cooling times
  • Twin doors with key and handles
  • A bit pricier compared to other brands
You can also purchase the Blue Star 400 L Freezer or the BS 300L Freezer variants.

6. Rockwell Green Deep Freezer with Double Door

Like the Blue Star, Rockwell also makes durable deep freezers with twin door options.

They generate 50% less heat and consume 53% less power when compared to similar models from other brands.

Rockwell Double Door Deep Freezer

They require only 8 hours of power in a day and with 90mm PUF insulation, they can retain cooling during the remaining hours even if there is a power failure.

The Rockwell freezers come with dual doors and separate compartments with security lock features.

The temperature range of the freezer is between -18° to -24° C.

It uses R.134a refrigerant, which is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable.

They are also made to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Warranty: 1 year of comprehensive warranty and 2 years of warranty on the compressor.

Rockwell Customer Care: For after-sales support, call 0008000504090 (Toll Free) or  (91) 120 467 1590 from 9 am to 6 pm on all days.

  • 90mm PUF insulation
  • Consumes 53% less energy
  • Generates 50% less heat
  • Withstands extreme weathers
  • 500 Liter Capacity
  • A bit expensive
You can go for the Rockwell 450 L Freezer, if you have less storage requirements. 

7. Voltas Double Door Deep Freezers 

Voltas is another popular cooling appliance brand in India that sells air coolers, ACs, refrigerators and deep freezers.

They come with UV grade plastic build material that lasts longer and can withstand varied temperatures.

Voltas Twin Door Deep Freezer

The Stucco Aluminium inner liner ensures that your hygiene is not affected.

The aesthetic soft look design makes it appear premium and they come with spring loaded hinges for comfortable usage.

The Voltas deep freezers are available in 500 liter (471 L net) and 320 liter capacities.

They come with corrosion resistant protection and require low maintenance.

The castor wheels come handy for easy mobility of the machine.

  • 500 liter capacity
  • Stucco Aluminium Inner Lining for improved hygiene
  • CFC Free insulation
  • Spring hinges for easy handling
  • UV Grade plastic for longer life
  • No Warranty
You can also go for the Voltas 320 Liter Freezer if you have medium storage requirements.

Best Deep Freezer India [Buying Guide]

Most people get confused with the terms deep freezer and regular freezer as they look a bit similar. However, their usage differs a lot.

While the regular refrigerator comes with intelligent features and temperature control, the deep freezer is ideal for commercial use in retail shops and malls, where the necessity for refrigeration is higher.

Its temperature is also constant for all the items inside the freezer.

Here are a few basics you need to know and features you need to consider before deciding the best deep freezer for your needs.

1. Difference b/w Deep Freezer & Chest Freezer

Looks wise, both the deep freezer and chest freezer are similar but they differ when it comes to the features.

The chest freezer comes in a rectangular design with drawers that help to move the items back and forth using the rails.

But, the main drawback is it uses less energy to freeze the foods and hence the foods don’t stay too long.

Whereas, the deep freezers usually come with single or double compartments without any drawers but can freeze the foods up to -18 degrees and keep the food for longer duration.

2. Different Types of Deep Freezers

There are actually two types of deep freezers – hard door type and sliding door type.

A. Hard Door (Opening Type)

These are most commonly seen in meat houses or storage rooms and come in hard type doors that never let the cooling escape outside, like you see in the glass type doors.

You can find the door type freezers in different storage capacities, useful for home and commercial purposes as well.

Again, the hard door type deep freezers are classified into two types.

i.Single Door Deep Freezers:

These come with a single opening door and are ideal for storing just one or two different items by placing them in separate baskets to avoid mixing.

They are ideal for small kirana shops that sell ice creams, milk, curd and other dairy products.

ii.Double Door Deep Freezers:

As the name implies, these come with two opening doors and two compartments that are separated by a wall.

So, you can easily store two or more different items without worrying about mixing them together.

These chest freezers are ideal for supermarkets and retail stores with large storage requirements.

B. Transparent Glass Door (Sliding Type)

The transparent glass deep freezers usually come with large capacities and have sliding doors.

They are ideal for storing ice creams, dairy products etc…and the customers can directly see the items inside the freezer without opening the doors.

The only downside with these transparent deep freezers is that they leak the cooking from the edges due to the glass design.

3. Internal Build Quality of Deep Freezer

More than the outer body, it is the internal build quality that matters most in case of the deep freezers.

Ensure that the metal used inside the freezer is anti-corrosive in nature.

This is because most people usually place their freezers in an open area and that can get your freezer corrosion.

Also, make sure to place your freezer in a semi-ventilated area for better life.

4. Required Storage Capacity?

The deep freezers come in different storage size capacities like:

  • 100 Liters
  • 200 Liters
  • 300 Liters
  • 400 Liters
  • 500 Liters
  • So on…

And, it is your main job to choose the one that suits your requirement.

5. Convertible Deep Freezer Option

If you run a retail shop or don’t use the freezer all the time, then it is suggested to buy a convertible freezer.

It comes with an option to convert your deep freezer to a basic cooler so that you can avoid deep freezes when not required in addition to saving a lot of electricity.

6. Various Defrost Settings Available

The deep freezers, just like your refrigerators, come with frosting options.

  • Automatic Defrost: Ideal for people who store multiple items in the freezer like curd, milk, cheese etc…
  • Manual Defrost: These are ideal for single type freezers with just one or two items. They are also more affordable than the freezers with auto defrost option.

So, choose the feature depending on your usage and requirement.

7. Compressor Efficiency & Performance

The compressor is a very important part of the refrigeration process and is found in all cooling devices like the refrigerators, air conditioners etc…

It can decide the efficiency and performance of the deep freezer.

So, always choose a brand that offers max warranty, which shows the trust they have on their product’s quality.

8. Power Consumption of a Deep Freezer

The energy consumption of a freezer depends on several factors like the door type, usage type and energy ratings.

So, no matter how well you use the freezer, it is advised to choose a chest freezer with high energy ratings with stabilizer function and auto shut-off feature.

9. Protection from Voltage Fluctuations

Like with any other heavy appliance, the deep freezer also requires high voltage in order to function effectively.

However, if you’re living in an area with regular voltage fluctuations or sudden power failures, then it is highly advised to get a separate voltage stabilizer or simply purchase a deep freezer with in-built stabilizer and auto-shut off option.

10. Additional Features to Look Out for?

These deep freezers also come with a few extra features like:

  • movable wheels
  • storage baskets
  • cool save options
  • built-in stabilizer etc…

So, always read the specifications before buying any product.

11. Best Deep Freezer Brand in India

The popular deep freezer companies/brands in India are Blue Star, Voltas, Haier, Godrej and Rockwell.

12. How Much Should You Spend?

The cost of a deep freezer in India starts from Rs.10000 and goes up to Rs.50000, depending on the storage capacity, door type, brand warranty and other features.

Warranty is the most important thing, especially when it comes to heavy appliances like these deep freezers.

You get too separate warranties – one for the compressor and other for the freezer.

So, always choose a deep freezer that has a minimum 1 to 2 years of warranty on the freezer and 3 years + on the compressor.

Deep Freezer FAQs

Which deep freezer is best in India?

Blue Star and Godrej are the best deep freezer brands in India. So, choose any depending on the storage capacity requirements.

What is the difference between fridge and freezer?

Thermostat or temperature controller is what makes a refrigerator different from a freezer. While the fridge is designed to keep the food between 0 to 5 degrees centigrade, the freezer keeps the food at -18 degrees for future usage.

How cold does a deep freezer get?

A typical deep freezer can expose the food to extreme colder temperatures as low as -30 ° C to -50 ° C, until the food’s core temperature reaches to -18 ° C.

How long can the meat stay good in a deep freezer?

The uncooked meat usually stays good for up to 1 year whereas the cooked meat can last for up to 3 months.

Which is the best place to put a deep freezer?

To avoid corrosion, put your freezer in a place with semi-ventilation i.e., not too much air flow/light and not little airflow/dark conditions. Also, ensure that it is kept away from water contact.

What is the difference between freezer and deep freezer?

Freezer is usually located at the top of a refrigerator and it helps keep the items fresh for longer duration. It usually comes with capacities up to 150 liters max.

Whereas, the deep freezer comes with a dedicated freezer option that comes with higher storage capacities of up to 500 liters.

Though, both serve the same purpose, the size and usage differs a lot.

Deep Freezer Maintenance Checklist

Like with any other home appliance, a deep freezer too requires periodic maintenance in order to improve its cooling efficiency as well as to prolong its lifespan.

Before going ahead into the freezer maintenance checklist, first go through your freezer’s user manual that comes with proper care instructions catered to that particular model.

And, if you do not find the instructions, only then follow the basic maintenance guidelines mentioned below.

  1. Always place the freezer indoors with proper ventilation around it so that the heat escapes out easily.
  2. Regularly monitor the temperature inside the freezer. Ideally, it should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If your deep freezer model doesn’t come with built-in thermostat, then use a thermometer to find the temperature.
  3. Ensure that the gasket or seal of your freezer is not broken or damaged as it could lead to escape of cold air.
  4. Without unplugging, just remove the contents, clean the freezer interiors twice an year or more, depending up on your storage size. You can use a clean cloth dipped in the dishwash soap water to properly clean the interiors.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner to dust off any waste from the condenser coils once an year to ensure the freezer runs smoothly.
  6. Occasionally defrost the freezer to remove any frost build up, which is very normal.

These are a few important maintenance guidelines to follow to get the best out of your deep freezer.

Final Word:

That’s the end of the list of best deep freezers in India with both single and double door options.

It is now your time to decide which deep freezer brand to pick, depending on your storage requirements and budget.