The Inverter Air Conditioners are gaining popularity in India, especially during the summers as they consume less electricity when compared to regular split ACs.

Unlike the traditional Split AC, an inverter AC automatically adapts its speed depending on the heat load in your bedroom or office, thereby consuming 30 to 40% less power.

Interestingly, the inverter AC’s temperature stays almost constant and you won’t even notice the compressor sound.

Benefits of an Inverter Air Conditioner

There are several advantages of using an Inverter AC and below are a few prominent ones.

  • Saves Energy: This is one of the biggest USP of the Inverter split ACs. They consume very less power when compared to regular ones. So, you can save up to 30 to 40% in your electricity bills.
  • Quick Cooling: Since the inverter adapts its compressor speed based on the temperature inside the room, the Inverter Air conditioners can cool your room very fast.
  • Silent and Comfortable: Unlike the regular ones, you won’t find any temperature fluctuations or voltage drops/peaks in these type of air conditioners. The start-up time of an Inverter AC is pretty fast and they also make less noise.
Best Inverter Split AC India

Before going into the list of best Inverter air conditioners in India, please go through our detailed AC Buying Guide & FAQs to have a better understanding of what type or capacity you should select for your home/office needs.

See: Benefits of Split AC vs Window AC

Top 10 Inverter Air Conditioners in India 2022

Inverter Split AC BrandsReviews
1.LG Himalaya Cool [Copper]Best 1 Ton Inverter AC
2.Sanyo SI/SO-10T5SCIA [Copper]Power Efficient 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC
3.Samsung AR12NV3HLTR [Alloy]Budget 1 Ton Inverter AC
4.LG KS-Q18YNZA [Copper]Best 1.5 Ton Inverter AC [5 Star BEE Rating]
5.Sanyo SI/SO-15T5SCIA [Copper]Budget 1.5 Ton Dual Inverter AC
6.Daikin FTKP50TV [Copper]Best Features
7.Voltas 173V JZJ [Copper]Made in India; 1.4 Ton Inverter AC [from TATA]
8.Godrej AC 2T GIC 24 MGP5-WRA [Alloy]Best 2 Ton Inverter AC [5 Star Energy Rating]
9.LG KS-Q24ENXA [Copper]Best Budget 2 Ton AC
10.Sanyo SI/SO-20T3SCIA [Copper]Affordable 2 Ton Dual Inverter AC

Which Inverter AC is Best for Home in India?

We at the HomeDynamo office have spent a lot of time in selecting the products after doing thorough research and only then compiled this top 10 list. So, choose the one that that fits your personal requirement and budget.

As a thumb rule, here are a few general guidelines to consider –

  • 0.75 Ton Inverter AC – Ideal for very small sized bedrooms/personal offices (0 to 80 sq.ft)
  • 1 Ton Inverter AC – Suitable for small bedrooms, kid’s study rooms, home offices (80 to 150 sq.ft)
  • 1.5 Ton Inverter AC – Suitable for medium size rooms (150 to 200 sq.ft)
  • 2 Ton Inverter AC – Suitable for large rooms/individual shops (200 to 300 sq.ft)

Best 1 Ton Inverter AC in India

The Inverter air conditioners with 1-ton capacity are usually smaller in size and suggested for rooms less than 150 sq.ft. Hence, they fall into the category of the best Inverter AC under 30000 to 350000 price range.

1. LG 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (3 & 5 Star Variants)

LG is a premium brand in India known for their home appliances with solid performance and highest quality.

This is a dual Inverter air conditioner model that comes with copper anti-corrosive compressor.

LG 1 Ton Split Inverter AC

It provides high-ambient cooling in quickest possible time and also doesn’t require a separate stabilizer.

The other features include – Low refrigerant detector, energy saving mode, sleep mode, timer, HD air filter and Dehumidifier.

It consumes around 680.58 units of power and comes with BEE 3-star rating.

You’ll be getting 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the AC & condenser and up to 5 years on the compressor unit.

Price: under Rs.35000

LG is also famous for its massive after-sales support, which is available in several locations across the India.

The Installation process is completely taken care by the LG technicians. Simply, call them at 1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999, once you received the product at home.

The technician will guide you through the user manual and other warranty details.

There is also a 5-Star variant of this LG Inverter AC, which can save you even more on your electricity bills.

  • Best AC brand
  • Dual inverter compressor
  • Anti-corrosive copper condenser
  • Super Convertible 5-in-1 Cooling
  • Filer with Anti-virus protection
  • Superb build quality
  • Micro dust-filters
  • Doesn’t require a Stabilizer
  • Good after-sales support
  • A little expensive compared to other models in the 1-ton AC category

2. Blue Star 1 Ton 3-Star Inverter AC

Blue Star Limited is a popular Indian electronics company that is specialized in manufacturing commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration products.

They have also become a synonym for air conditioners in the Indian households, thanks to their amazing features and excellent customer support team.

su_note note_color=”#fbfaee” text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]This Blue Star inverter air conditioner consumes around 701.61 units per anum with ISEER value of 3.86 and produces 44 dB of noise.[/su_note]

This AC uses R32 (Environment friendly refrigerant gas) that doesn’t pose any threat to the ozone.

It comes with a 1 year product warranty, 1 year on condenser and 10 year compressor warranty.

Price: under 35000 INR

You can always contact Blue Star customer support for any queries @ 18002091177 and can expect a quick response for sure.

  • Popular Indian AC Brand
  • Suitable for Mid-Sized Rooms up to 120 sq.ft
  • Copper Coil
  • Lesss Noise Level (44dB)
  • 4-in-1 Convertible Cooling Mode
  • Self-Diagnosis for Problem Resolution
  • R32 Refrigerant Gas
  • Prompt Customer Service
  • Installation Charges are a bit high

3. Sanyo 1 Ton 5-Star Inverter Spit AC

Though not a very popular brand in India, the Japanese giant Sanyo is known for their budget Inverter ACs with 5-star BEE ratings and latest features.

Sanyo 5-star Inverter AC
This Sanyo inverter air conditioner consumes around 597.37 units per anum, which is best (less) in its segment.

It comes with a copper condenser, anti-dust air filters, auto-restart option, self-diagnosis, remote with backlit feature, sleep mode, Eco-mode, timer, anti-corrosive fins and uses R32 refrigerant.

The Sanyo split AC comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty on the product and the condenser. The compressor has up to 5 years of warranty period.

Price: under Rs.30000

As of on writing this review, Sanyo has nearly 400+ service centers in India itself. The after-sales service support is also very good.

You can contact the Sanyo customer care either by calling them at 1-800-419-5088 or sending an email to

  • Most energy efficient Inverter AC in India (5-star ratings)
  • 100% copper condenser
  • Fast cooling
  • Anti-dust filters
  • Auto-restart after a power-cut
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good after-sales support
  • Installation costs are a bit high

4. Samsung 1 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

Samsung is one of the most popular brands in India, especially when it comes to consumer electronics.

They’re known for providing best products with great features at reasonable prices.

Samsung 1-ton Split Inverter AC

This Samsung Inverter AC Split type model takes the 3rd spot in the list mainly because it comes with the aluminum condenser instead of the copper one.

The other main features include built-in stabilizer, triple inverter technology, corrosion-resistant fins, noise-free operation, sleep mode, timer, single user mode and moisture control.

It consumes around 1060 watts of electricity per year, which is a bit higher compared to the other models in its segment.

You’ll be getting up to 10 years warranty on the compressor and 5 years on the condenser, which is very good.

Price: under Rs.35000

And, coming to the customer support, Samsung has a huge service network spread across the India and they’re also maintaining onsite servicing with dedicated service vans.

So, you can simply call them at 1800-130-4554 or mail them at for any queries related to warranty or installation.

  • Most reliable brand
  • Suitable for small rooms up to 110 sq.ft
  • 5 step Convertible Cooling
  • Superb looks that match your interiors
  • In-built stabilizer
  • Moisture Control
  • Auto Clean filter
  • Best after-sales service
  • Installation is high compared to the other brands
  • Outdoor unit is a little noisy

5. Whirlpool 3 Star, Inverter Split AC 1 Ton

When it comes to home appliances, you hear the word ‘Whirlpool’ from at least 6 out of 10 people and that is how popular they’re among the Indian households.

They have a line up of products in multiple categories like washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers, air purifiers, refrigerators and air conditioners.

So, for every home electronic gadget, you have the choice from Whirlpool.

This Whirlpool inverter air conditioner consumes around 690 units per anum, which is best (less) in its segment.

It is also one of the best Inverter AC under Rs.30000 price range.

The AC comes with convertible 4-in-1 cooling mode and 1.0T Magicool Covert Pro 3S technology that can cool even at 52° temperatures.

The self-clean function helps get rid of any dirt inside the machine and with 100% copper coil, you get the best possible cooling out of your air conditioner.

There is also the auto-restart function that resumes the operation after a power failure.

Whirlpool provides a warranty of up to 1 year on the AC, 1 year on condenser and 5 years on the compressor.

You can contact Whirlpool customer care @ 18002081800 and book for an installation or to raise any complaints.

  • Well-Known Home Electronics Brand
  • Convertible 4-in-1 Cooling Mode
  • 1.0T Magicool Convert Pro 3S Technology
  • Auto restart with Resume Function
  • Gas Leak Indicator
  • Self-Clean Function for Filters
  • R32 Refrigerant Gas
  • Nothing; Best in its price range

Best 1.5 Ton Inverter AC in India

The Inverter ACs with 1.5 ton capacity are the most common ones that are ideal for medium rooms with sizes starting from 150 sq.ft to 200 sq.ft.

6. LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star AI Dual Inverter AC

This LG split dual inverter air conditioner comes with a 1.5 ton capacity and is rated with 5 stars (BEE).

This is also one of the best energy-efficient inverter ACs in the 1.5 ton segment.

LG 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Split Type
This LG split AC consumes just 818.81 units per year, which is really great when you see its capacity.

The other main features include gold fin copper condenser, auto-clean technology, micro-dust filters, stabilizer-free operation, Himalaya cool technology, energy saving mode, sleep mode, timer and R32 refrigerant (environment friendly).

You get up to 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the product, 5 years on the PCB unit and 10 years on the compressor with gas charging.

Price: Ranges from Rs.40000 to Rs.45000, depending on the features you choose.

  • Reliable brand
  • AI Dual inverter with copper compressor coil
  • 5-star BEE ratings
  • High-ambient Himalaya cooling
  • Auto-clean technology
  • HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection
  • Noise-free operation
  • Friendly customer support
  • Little on the pricier side; but look at the features & brand trust
You can also find similar features from other top AC brands like Samsung, Whirlpool and IFB in the same price bracket.

7. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5-Star Dual Inverter Split AC

As we have mentioned earlier Sanyo is known for their best energy efficient inverter air conditioners in India at a budget.

And, this 1.5 ton model is another gem in their product lineup.

The Sanyo split AC comes with a 5-star energy rating and ISEER value of 4.6.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton Dual Inverter AC

If you’re living in an area with frequent power fluctuations, you may have to install a separate stabilizer to handle sudden high voltages.

The other main features include dual inverter copper condenser, anti-dust air filters, anti-corrosive fins, self-diagnosis, auto-restart option, remote control with backlit, sleep mode, Eco mode, timer function and R32 refrigerant.

The AC consumes around 857.89 units per year.

Sanyo offers up to 1 year warranty on the product & condenser and 5 years on the compressor unit.

Price: under Rs.35000

  • Consumes very less power and cools fast
  • Budget friendly
  • Dual inverter
  • Copper condenser
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Air-filters and humidity controller
  • Decent support
  • Connecting pipe is short; You may need to purchase an extended pipe in case you wanted to place the condenser above you roof.

8. Daikin 1.5 Ton 4-Star Inverter Split AC

Daikin is a popular Japanese brand and an air conditioner manufacturing company that offers energy efficient ACs at decent prices.

The Daikin split AC, though rated with 4-stars, it consumes power on par with the 5 star rated models and comes for a lesser price.

Daikin 1.5 Ton Split AC with Inverter

It consumes around 928 units of electricity per year.

The other main features include copper compressor, power chill mode, Eco mode, noise-free operation, built-in stabilizer and R32 refrigerant.

Daikin offers up to 1 year of warranty on the product/condenser and 5 years on the compressor (outer unit).

Price: under Rs.40000

Coming to the customer support, Daikin has invested in building up many service centers across India. However, there were reports that some technicians are charging high installation fees from the customers.

You can directly contact Daikin support team at 0124-4555444 for any queries regarding the installation or warranty issues.

  • Popular Japanese cooling appliance brand
  • Good cooling experience
  • 4-star rated (Energy efficient)
  • 100% copper condenser
  • Separate stabilizer not required
  • Noise-free operation
  • Some technicians are charging high fees for installation (it is actually free); Call the support team.

9. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas another popular Indian brand that offers best cooling features at an affordable price range.

The Voltas inverter AC comes with 1.5 ton capacity, 5-star ratings and is priced very less compared to the similar models from other brands.

Voltas 1.4 Ton Inverter AC Model

This Voltas 1.5 ton split type model consumes around 891.86 units of power per year.

The other main features include high-ambient cooling, copper condenser, built-in air purifier, air filters, built-in stabilizer, environment friendly R32 refrigerant.

Voltas offers 1 year warranty on the product, 1 year on the condenser and 5 years on the compressor.

Price: under Rs.40000

Coming to the customer support, Voltas has got a good service team that offer hassle-free installation on time. For any issues regarding the service or warranty, you can always call Voltas AC support at 9650694555/ 1860599455 or mail them at

  • Cost-efficient
  • Copper Condenser
  • Fast, High-ambient Cooling
  • Air-purifier with air dust filters
  • Built-in Stabilizer
  • Decent customer service
  • The compressor (outer unit) is noisy

Best 2 Ton Inverter AC in India

These inverter ACs with 2 ton capacity are ideal for large living rooms or bedrooms, small offices, individual shops with sizes between 200 to 300 sq.ft.

10. Blue Star 2.0 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

The Blue Star split 2-ton AC comes with a 5-star BEE rating and is also pocket-friendly.

It comes with a 100% copper condenser, which is excellent for cooling and also requires less maintenance.

The other main features include twin compressor, built-in stabilizer, anti-bacterial and dust filters, active carbon filter, sleep mode, power saving mode, timer and R32 refrigerant.

This Bluestar 2-ton inverter AC consumes around 1087.24 units of power per year.

Blue Star also offers warranty up to 1 year on the product and 10 years on the compressor.

Price: under Rs.60000

Bluestar is an Indian brand and has got a good support team that deals with all kinds of issues like installation, uninstall, repair and cooling.

You can call Blue Star customer support at 18002091177 for any issues.

  • Best 5-star rated 2-ton inverter AC
  • Multiple Filters – Dust, Anti-bacteria and activated carbon
  • R32 refrigerant (Environment Friendly Gas)
  • Energy Efficient for its Capacity and Requires less maintenance
  • Suitable for Large Sized Bedrooms or Central Hall up to 220 sq.ft
  • 4 in 1 Convertible Cooling Mode
  • Excellent Support Team
  • A Bit Pricey

11. LG 2 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC

This LG split type AC comes with a dual inverter compressor, 3-star BEE rating and is ideal for large bedroom or living rooms.

The price is also on the budget side and coming from the best brand ‘LG’, the after-sales support is also very good.

LG 2 Ton Inverter AC Model

This LG 2-ton inverter AC consumes around 1291.36 units per year.

The other main features include dual inverter copper condenser, high-ambient cooling, anti-corrosive protection, energy saving mode, instant cooling option, HD air filter, built-in stabilizer, monsoon cooling, sleep mode, timer and low-refrigerant detector.

LG provides 1 year comprehensive warranty on the product and 10 years on the compressor.

Price: under Rs.45000

  • Best home appliance brand
  • Cost-efficient
  • Instant cooling feature
  • Copper condenser with Anti-corrosive protection
  • In-built stabilizer
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Noise-free operation
  • Good after-sales support
  • Installation charges are high

12. Voltas 2 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas is another popular Indian brand from TATA company. They’re well-known for offering the best inverter AC split type with 2 ton capacity in India at a very affordable price.

It comes with a 5-star energy rating and ISEER value of 4.75. The copper condenser coil provides better cooling and also requires low maintenance.

Sanyo 2 Ton Dual Inverter AC Split Type

The Voltas 2-ton inverter AC consumes around 1043.28 units of electricity per year.

The other main features include Duo cool inverter technology, Copper condenser coil, in-built PM 2.5 filter, anti-dust filter, auto restart, Eco function, dehumidifier, backlit remote control, hidden display, timer and R32 refrigerant.

The product comes with 1 year Sanyo brand warranty, 1 year condenser warranty and 5 years warranty on the compressor.

You can always contact Voltas customer care @ 9650694555 for installation or for any assistance.

Price: under Rs.50000

  • Budget 2-ton inverter AC
  • 100% copper condenser coil
  • Hydrophillic Fins
  • Fast cooling
  • Anti-dust filters
  • Lowest-noise operation
  • High installation charges by some technicians

How to Choose the Best Inverter AC for Home?

Since purchasing an air conditioner for home/office is not a small investment, it is highly advised to understand your needs carefully before taking the final decision.

1. What is an Inverter AC?

If you don’t know already, the compressor in an air conditioner is like a heart.

In traditional ACs, the compressor automatically switches on and off at regular intervals, depending on the room temperature.

Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioners
Comparison of Inverter & Non-Inverter Air Conditioners to Cars

It switches off when the room temperature is cool and automatically switches on when the temperature rises.

However, when it comes to the inverter ACs, the compressor doesn’t switch itself off.

They instead adjust their tonnage (variable speeds) according to your room size.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the non-inverter AC units as their compressor runs at fixed speeds.

2. How Does an Inverter AC Work?

The background process is same for both the inverter and non-inverter air conditioners.

The only difference is that the compressor switches off in a normal AC while it doesn’t switch off in the inverter AC.

This ensures that more power is consumed by the Air Conditioner only when the compressor is run at high speeds and vice versa, thereby reducing the overall power consumption when compared with regular ACs.

Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC Differences
This is how the compressor works in a Inverter AC vs Normal Air Conditioner

But, how does the Inverter AC determine the power it requires?

Well, it makes use of the thermostat setting as well as the temperature of the incoming air.

The AC unit then uses the inverter technology to control the compressor speeds.

3. What is a Dual Inverter AC?

The major difference between a single inverter AC and dual inverter AC is just that it has dual rotary motors with wider rotational frequency.

This gives you faster cooling, lesser noise and higher power saving.

4. Power Consumption: Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC

According to BEE statistics, a non-inverter AC with 1.5 ton capacity and 5 star rating consumes nearly 1130 units of power in 1600 hours.

However, an inverter AC with same capacity and 3 star rating consumes just 1077 units in 1600 hours.

And, if you opt for inverter ACs with higher energy efficiency i.e., 4 star (972 units) or 5 star (815 units), you could save even more electricity.

BEE Star Ratings0.75 ton1 ton1.5 ton2 ton
3 Star Non Inverter AC62782812351548
3 Star Inverter AC55072610771344
4 Star Inverter AC4996589721208
5 Star Non Inverter AC57676011301412
5 Star Inverter AC4215578151005
Energy Consumption Per Anum According to BEE Statistics

5. Air Conditioner Capacities

If you’re having a small bedroom, then a 0.75 ton AC will be good enough. And, the capacity increases based on your room size.

Say for example, if you want to install an air conditioner for a medium sized bedroom or office cabins or small sized conference rooms etc… then you need at least a 1 Ton capacity AC.

Whereas, a 1.5 ton AC is needed for master bedrooms, medium conference rooms etc…

In case if you’re planning to install the AC in larger work spaces like large rooms, halls, large office spaces etc…, then you need to opt for a 2 ton AC.

Room SizeCapacity
0 – 80 sq.ft0.75 ton
80 – 150 sq.ft1 ton
150 – 200 sq.ft1.5 ton
200 – 300 sq.ft2 ton

6. Aluminum vs Copper Condenser Coils

Coils in a condenser are either made up of aluminum or copper, the two popular elements that improve the efficient of the condenser as well as reduce the power consumption.

When it comes to heat transfer, Copper has the maximum efficiency when compared with aluminum.

Copper coils are also easier to maintain and could last very long, which is opposite for the Aluminum coils.

However, it is a bit costlier than aluminum as it is more durable and long-lasting.

See: Difference between Copper & Aluminium Coils

Inverter Air Conditioner FAQ’s

What are the best Inverter AC brands in India?

The most popular Split AC brands in India with inverter technology are:

LG, Samsung, Blue Star, Whirlpool, Sanyo, Daikin, Voltas, Panasonic, Godrej and Hitachi.

Can I use perfume with an air conditioner in the room?

Using a perfume in the room with AC thinking that it can remove any bad odor is not a good idea. Some people might be allergic to the smell that gets blocked inside the closed room.

Instead, leave the doors and windows opened for 5 to 10 minutes before switching on the AC. This way, the outside air when entered into the room eliminates any foul smell inside the room.

If insisted, you may use any good branded room freshener and NO perfume.

What is ISEER rating found on the Air conditioners?

BEE, also known as the bureau of energy efficiency, gives star ratings to the large electronic appliances in India based on how much electricity they consume per year.

However, in 2018, BEE introduced ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), a star rating that is much more efficient than BEE rating. It considers various climatic zones in India, their temperature variations etc… while giving the ratings.

Should I buy a Voltage stabilizer for my Inverter AC?

Though most brands are offering in-built stabilizers, they caters mostly to the metros where sudden power cuts or voltage fluctuations is minimum.

However, if you’re living in remote areas like small towns and villages where you see frequent outages, it is highly advised to install a separate voltage stabilizer to safeguard your air conditioner from getting damaged.

How often should I have to clean the AC filters?

Air filters usually accumulate a lot of dust, especially when you stay close to the heavy traffic zones. So, it is advised to clean them regularly, at least once every month for best cooling performance.

Others can clean the air filters once every 2 to 3 months, depending on their usage level and distance from the main roads to their houses.

What is the main disadvantage of Inverter AC?

An inverter AC usually costs 20 to 30 % higher than a non-inverter or regular AC. Of-course, it saves you a lot on your electricity bills in the long run.

But, there’s a catch! If you don’t use your AC regularly, then it might take at least 5 to 8 years to recover your upfront costs.

So, for those who don’t use their AC heavily, Inverter ACs are definitely a disadvantage. They can simply go for regular AC with decent BEE rating for a much cheaper price.


I’m pretty confident that if you read till this line, then you have got the basic understanding of how an inverter AC works and why they’re better than the regular, non-inverter ACs.

So, it is now your time to pick the Best Inverter Split AC in India from our top 10 list based on your room size and budget preferences.