Mixer Grinder is one very useful kitchen appliance that is loved by the Indian housewives as it makes grinding or blending easier, without having to put-in physical strain in order to grind the different food products.

A mixer grinder comes with a powerful motor and rotating blades that help with whisking, mixing, beating and stirring the food items inside the jar.

Preethi Mixer Grinder Juicer

However, just like any other electrical appliance, you’re likely to experience various problems with your mixer grinder some day or the other (depends on your usage level).

Of-course, you can always get it serviced by the authorized technician in case you’ve the warranty. But, what if the warranty is expired? It may incur several bucks to get it repaired by the local store.

Fortunately, most of these problems can easily be solved by putting in some effort by yourself, thus save on the repair costs.

The Common Mixer Grinder Problems & How to Fix Them Easily?

1. Mixer Grinder Jar Lid is Leaking

This is the most common problem faced by many mixer grinder users in India. Here are a few possible solutions to fix the issue by yourself at home.

  • Cracks on the Jar – If you find cracks on the jar lid, try to cover them using a strong waterproof adhesive, else you may replace it with a new one.
  • Rotating Blades are Loose – Try tightening the blade using a screwdriver to fix this issue.
  • Rubber Gasket – Replace the gasket with a new one as the rubber loses its grip with time, thereby causing leakages from the jar.

2. Mixer Grinder Overload Protection Issue

Most popular mixer grinder brands offer overload protection feature that help the unit to automatically switch off in case of power overload. This helps in protecting your grinder from getting damaged.

However, there are times when the unit switches off automatically due to various other reasons, such as:

  • Poor Air Circulation – The mixer should always be kept at a ventilated area while it is running in order to prevent overheating due to excessive usage. Overheating can cause the unit to shut down itself.
  • Low Capacity Motor – Most mixer grinders or wet grinder brands suggest using the unit continuously for not more than 30 minutes. You need to keep it aside after 30 minutes and use it again after 15 minutes if necessary. In case if the motor capacity is too low, then it creates further more problems.
  • Grinding Hard Materials – Do not try to add hard ingredients in to the jar and expect it to perform grinding like usual stuff, as it creates overload issue, thereby turning the unit off. You should instead add some water to make it reduce its hardness.
  • Dust Inside the Unit – With time and usage, a lot of dust/dirt may get accumulated inside the mixer grinder, which can also cause the unit to shut off occasionally. So, if possible, try to get it cleaned every month or so.
  • Faulty Wiring – The mixer grinder can shut itself in case the build quality is poor (like faulty wiring, cheaper parts etc…). You should never mess with the wiring yourself and instead get a technician to fix it for you.

In case if none of the above solutions help you with the problem, you should consider changing the circuit breaker switch with a new one.

3. Mixer Grinder Blades not Rotating

Since the grinding blades are one of the most vital parts of the mixer grinder juicer, you won’t be able to make proper use of the unit in case if they fail to rotate.

The problem may occur when the food particles, especially the hard ones, gets clogged underneath the blades, thus making it hard for the blades to rotate.

So, make sure you clean or remove the clogged ingredients to make the blades rotate freely.

4. Mixer Grinder Coupler Melting

The coupler is a crucial part of the mixer grinder that connects the base of the unit and the jar together. So, it is very common that they break or sometimes melt due to overload or with time.

You cannot repair the coupler and hence should get a replacement to fix this issue.

5. Blades not Cutting Effectively

With time and regular usage, the blades lose their sharpness and hence are not able to blend/cut the ingredients effectively.

You can simply pour some rock salt inside the jar and spin the mixer grinder for a few minutes, while closing the lid of the jar.

Using the rock salt is a cost-effective way to sharpen the blades without any additional help from a technician.

6. Mixer Grinder Jar Jammed/Stuck

The last and the most common mixer grinder problem faced by many people is the grinding jar getting jammed/stuck on the unit.

It usually happens when the bearings inside the jar gets corroded due to leakage from underneath the blades.

You can fix this problem by turning the jar upside down and then pour some oil (like the coconut oil) around the motor coupler. Leave it aside in the same upside position for some time and then twist the motor coupler using the pliers.

Once done, run the mixer grinder with empty jar for a minute or so then repeat the same by adding a small cup of water for another minute.

Lastly, wipe off the insides of the jar using a soft cotton cloth and your problem is solved.


These are a few most common mixer grinder problems faced by most housewives that can easily be solved at home without needing an authorized technician.

Hope these mixer grinder DIY guide come handy and save some bucks for you.