Purchasing the best air purifier for home isn’t that easy. People generally have a lot of doubts in mind like what air purifier to choose from, which filters are required etc…

And, in this article, we’ll be discussing one of the most important topics related to air purifiers i.e., whether you should buy an air purifier with HEPA filter or just an Ionizer is good for you.

Difference b/w HEPA Air Purifier and Ionizer

To compare both the air purifiers, let us first have a look at the major features of Ionic air purifier and HEPA air purifier technology.

1. Filter vs No Filter

HEPA Purifier vs Ionizer Technology

These air purifiers that come with HEPA filter sucks the polluted air inside your home into the device through the filter. It then traps all the airborne contaminants and releases the pure air back into the room.

This cycle repeats continuously, thereby providing you with pure & breathable air that is free from pollutants.

They are capable of capturing at least 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.

HEPA air purifiers can also trap cigarette smoke.

Whereas, the process of how the Ionizers work is entirely different.

These Ionizers send negatively charged ions into the atmosphere (air). The contaminants like dust and allergens (positively charged ions) in the air bond with these ions, bind together, become heavy and then falls on to the floor.

So, there are more chances of the impurities polluting the room again.

There are also cases where the charged particles elevate asthma symptoms in some people.

The air purifiers with HEPA technology majorly wins in this segment.

2. Coverage Area

Since HEPA air purifiers have multiple filters, there are a few limitations when it comes to area coverage. However, the Ionizers do not have such limitations.

They can purify regions as large as 3500 sq.ft.

So, for offices, houses and broad business areas up to 700 sq.ft, HEPA filter air purifiers are the best. Above that range, Ionizers come handy.

3. Maintenance vs Initial Cost

Since the HEPA technology is advanced, they are a bit costlier than the Ionizers.

So, they require regular maintenance like changing of filters on an annual basis.

On the other hand, the Ionizers come with reusable collection plates. Cleaning them manually is more than enough and hence there is no maintenance here.

So, as far as the maintenance is concerned, Ionizers are better than HEPA filters.

4. Design & Styling Options

The HEPA purifiers usually come in beautiful designs and colors to suit your interiors. You can also get the mountable HEPA air purifiers and place them anywhere you like in your room or office.

Whereas, the Ionisers come in thin vertical designs that can be placed at the corners of your room.

So, looks wise HEPA purifiers wins over the Ionisers.

HEPA vs Ionizer Comparison Table

HEPA Air PurifierIonic Air Purifier (Ionizer)
Works by sucking air into the device for purification of air.Works by sending electrically charged ions to bring down the impurities in the air.
Traps air contaminants into the filter.Knocks out air contaminants on to the room floor.
Ozone is produced.Ozone is produced, but at safe levels.
Covers area up to 800 sq.ftCovers area up to 3500 sq.ft
High initial cost & req. annual maintenance (changing of filters).Less initial cost and no annual maintenance cost.


If you need quality air inside your home/office, then investing in the best air purifier with HEPA filter is worth. Although, it needs some maintenance, you cannot compare its performance with the Ionizers which again contaminates the room with airborne pollutants. Hope you get the point here.