Which AC should I purchase? Split AC or Window AC for my home?

Well, I am sure this question arises in the minds of all people who’re buying an air conditioner for the first time.

In order to decide which AC model is best, let us check the pros and cons of both the Window AC and Split type AC.

Differences between Split AC and window AC

What is a Window AC?

These are the traditional air conditioners that come in a single unit design where the dashboard with buttons faced inside and the rear part is installed outside through the window.

So, basically it requires drilling a huge square shaped hole in your windows to insert the AC unit.

The capacity of a Window AC is medium and is suitable for a small room with a window space.

These Window ACs are pocket friendly and the cost of maintenance is also very low.

What is a Split AC?

These are the modern air conditioners that are usually mounted on the wall, generally below the ceiling.

It comes in two separate units – Condenser and Compressor.

While the condenser is installed inside the room, the compressor is placed outside the room.

Unlike the Window AC which requires a large hole, the split AC requires only a small hole to connect the pipes between the condenser and compressor units.

These split type air conditioners come with higher cooling capacity and hence suitable for medium to large rooms.

Split AC vs Window AC: Which is Best & Why?

Now, let us compare each factor individually to see which AC is right for your needs.

1. AC Design

A Split AC usually comes in vibrant colors and design patterns that enhance the interiors of your bedroom further.

Whereas the Window AC is mostly available in a single color i.e., white.

Also, the Window AC comes in bulkier size when compared with the split type AC. 

Winner: Split AC

2. AC Installation

It is very easy to install the Window AC as it comes in a single unit. You’ll only have to arrange the open window.

Whereas, installing a split AC requires professional help, which is usually charged. And, if you stay in a multistory apartment with no balcony, then the cost would be much higher as it needs extended pipe to install the compressor unit on the terrace.

Winner: Window AC

3. AC Cooling Capacity

The cooling power of a split AC is higher due to the dedicated compression technology.

It is therefore suitable for large bedrooms and living rooms.

Cooling Requirements of an AC as per Room Size

The Window air conditioner on the other hand comes in a portable size (single unit) and has less cooling capacity, which is why it is mostly used in small apartments or bedrooms.

Winner: Split AC

4. AC Power Consumption

The BEE ratings usually decide the power consumption of an air conditioner.

The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient your AC will be.

BEE Star Ratings of an Air Conditioner India

Usually, a 3 star 1 ton Split AC consumes more power than a 5 star 1.5 ton Split AC.

The same applies for the Window AC as well.

However, when you compare the both, split ACs usually consume less electricity when used for longer periods.

Winner: Split AC

5. AC Noise Levels

Since the Window ACs work against the window, a lot of noise is being produced while it is running.

On the other hand, split ACs make little to no noise, depending on the air conditioner brand you choose.

Winner: Split AC

6. AC Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, Window AC requires very low maintenance and even the spare parts are available in the market at cheap prices.

The split AC on the other hand requires regular servicing and maintenance from authorized technicians, which may add up to your total costs.

Even the spare parts are a bit costlier when compared with the traditional air conditioners.

Winner: Window AC

7. Prices of an Air Conditioner

A Window AC from a reputed brand will cost you between Rs.18000 to Rs.30000.

Whereas the prices of a branded split AC starts from Rs.28000 and goes up to Rs.50000 in India.

So, decide whether you’re buying an air conditioner for a small room (Window AC) or bigger one (Split AC).

Winner: Depends On Your Room Size

Conclusion: Which is Best? Window AC or Split AC?

After reading all the above factors, you should have got a clear idea of what to look for when choosing the best air conditioner for your home.

Anyways, here is a thumb rule – 

  • Buy a Split AC – If you want to install it in a medium to large bedroom or living hall where the cooling requirement is higher. Suitable for own and rented houses/offices as well.
  • Buy a Window AC – If you want to install it in a small office room, individual shops, single bedrooms etc… where the cooling requirement is minimal. Suitable only for own house or rented workspace.

Lastly, remember one thing. Since we’re living in a modern society where job relocation or shifting of houses is common, it is advised to opt for a split AC, especially when you’re living in a rented space.

This is because most house owners won’t allow you to drill a large square hole to install a Window AC, though they’re OK with the small ones.

BTW, I personally prefer a split AC over the Window air conditioner. Though the initial costs are higher, you can save a lot in the monthly electricity bills due to considerably lower power consumption in the long run.

Hope you understood the logic. So, now it is up to you to decide what type of air conditioner to choose between a Split AC and Window AC.