There are many benefits to walking on a treadmill everyday.

Starting from weight loss to heart health, walking is one of the most effective cardio exercises on the planet for a very long time.

Treadmill Walking Health Benefits

Our ancestors used to walk for miles to get their job done and have never got sick or ill. They found that walking can improve both physical as well as mental health.

Note: If you can’t go outside just to walk, buying a treadmill is highly advised as it would help save your time and make you not skip your daily workout sessions with simple excuses.

Health Benefits of Walking on a Treadmill Daily

1.Lose Weight Faster

Walking regularly helps in losing weight faster.

But, in order to reap the benefits of fat burn through walking, you’ll also need to focus on what you eat. Else, you’ll end up gaining weight by eating more calories than you burn from the exercise.

A person weighing 90 kilos would burn anywhere from 230 to 460 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of his walking.

This means, the person would be losing around ½ to 1 kg of weight every week.

If he walked uphill, he would burn more calories when compared to walking on a flat surface for the same distance.

You can use this calculator to find the number of calories you burn walking.

Tip: Consider doing HIIT walking or incline walking on the treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes everyday and see the amazing results for yourself.

2.Improve Heart Health

Another biggest health benefit of walking daily is that it can have a significant impact on your health by reducing your chances of getting prone to heart diseases.

According to a study, regular walking is associated with a 19% reduction in CHD (coronary heart disease) risk.

If you don’t know already, to keep your blood pressure in balance, your heart needs to be stronger.

So, walking is also very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

3.Tone Your Muscles

Since walking is a cardiovascular exercise, many people think that it just helps improve your stamina.

However, the reality is that walking does so much more.

It actually builds your muscles, especially the lower body muscles. The more you walk, the stronger your leg muscles will become.

Additionally, if you walk with your abdominal muscles flexed, you can also strengthen your core too.

And, as you swing your hands while walking, your arm muscles will become strong.

That makes walking a whole body workout and one of the most effective exercises too.

4.Improves Joint Flexibility

As people get old, their joints become stiff and result in several bone-related issues.

Walking on the treadmill regularly could help bring back the flexibility in the joints of older people.

Since most modern treadmills come with high-quality cushioning systems, the stress on the joints is reduced to a minimum, thereby helping the people to get fit even at their old age.

5.Strengthens Your Bones

Walking on a regular basis is also proven to build your bone density.

Here bone density = number of minerals in the bones that make them stronger and durable.

The more you walk, the more minerals will be accumulated in your bones, thereby making them stronger.

Stronger bones help fight diseases such as Osteoporosis, the most common problem found in middle aged men these days.

People with Osteoporosis will find their bones brittle and painful to move very easily.

And, since walking is a low impact exercise, it is very excellent for strengthening your bones naturally.

According to a study, women who walked ~ 1 mile every day have higher whole-body bone density when compared with women who walked less.

6.Convenient & Safe

The motorized treadmills are also very convenient and easy to use machines, especially for people who hate going outside for walking/running.

You can simply do walking on your home treadmill while watching TV, reading magazines or listening to your favorite playlist.

You can get habituated with your treadmill by reading the user manual given with the product.

Treadmill walking is also said to be the safest workout options compared to walking outdoors.

It is especially beneficial for women as they don’t have to allocate separate time from their regular household chores to go out for walking.

And, lastly, no more risks of getting hit by a car, especially during the winters and night time.


These are the major health benefits of walking on a treadmill daily.

Apart from these advantages, your mood will also get improved as you exercise regularly. It will have a significant impact on how you work throughout the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate walking as your daily routine at least for 30 minutes to improve your overall health and well being.