Home Treadmills are definitely very beneficial especially to those who don’t have enough time to go out and run.

And, as we have already discussed, motorized treadmills are better than manual treadmills, due to the many advanced features they have.

Among the many benefits, Inclination is one of the most useful features of a motorized treadmill. It helps the user to run on different inclination levels to test his stamina and improve his performance levels.

Of-course, running on higher incline levels also help in burning more calories in less time.

Another benefit of setting up your treadmill inclination at 1% or level 2, you can get the feel of wind resistance which is otherwise possible when you only run outdoors.

Auto Incline Treadmill Benefits

There are actually two types of incline options provided in the latest treadmills – Manual Incline and Auto Incline.

In this article, let us discuss the major benefits and drawbacks of both in detail.

Differences b/w Manual Incline & Auto Incline Treadmill

Manual Incline TreadmillAuto Incline Treadmill
Manual adjustment needed; Use the pin underneath the treadmill to increase/decrease the height of the running surface.Automatically adjusts the slope with the Click of a Button
Beneficial for Short-term users aka Walkers/Joggers/Seniors who like to run on a flat surfaceBeneficial for users who run for longer periods
Treadmills with manual incline option weighs less due to the absence of incline motor.Treadmills with auto incline option usually weighs more for the same reason (motor).
A big distraction for runners as they have to stop in the middle of their workout session and change the lever manually.A major advantage for avid runners as they don’t have to step off from the treadmill to adjust the incline. They can do so by clicking the incline button provided on the hand pedals or dashboard.

There are also a few built-in workout programs in the high-end treadmills that automatically adjust the incline without the user’s intervention.
Cheaper and hence found in almost all the mid-range treadmill models.Expensive; Can only be found in high-end treadmill models.

Which is Better to Buy? Treadmill with Auto Incline or Manual Incline?

The main drawback of a manual incline treadmill is that you have to get off from the machine during your run in order to adjust the slope.

This can be a bit irritating if you wanted to run at multiple incline levels during your HIIT workout session.

However, the same is not an issue with the auto incline treadmills as the slope can be adjusted automatically either from the built-in workout program or with the click of a button.

BTW, the commercial treadmills you see in the gyms or fitness centers usually come with automatic inclination option.


So, if you don’t mind getting down from your treadmill to adjust the slope in the middle of the workout, then you can definitely go with the treadmill with manual incline option. They are also much cheaper when compared to the auto incline treadmills.

And, if budget is not a problem, then I would definitely suggest buying the treadmill with automatic inclination feature as it comes handy in many instances.