The sewing accessories or tools help enhance your productivity for sure.

And, you can actually purchase a dedicated sewing kit that comes with all the basic to advanced tailoring accessories that help you with sewing the clothes effectively.

These sewing kits and sets come in different prices, depending on the number of tools inside the kit, their quality and the brand.

Generally, the price of the basic sewing kit for tailoring starts from Rs.200, Rs.500 and goes up to Rs.1500, depending on their quality.

In this article, I have reviewed the best selling sewing kits in India that are suitable for beginners, intermediate and professionals as well.

Top 5 Best Sewing Kits Available in India

1. Reglox SW05 Sewing Travel Kit

Reglox SWO5 is one of the top rated sewing kits online with amazing positive reviews from most users.

Reglox SW05 Travel Sewing Kit

Even I am personally using their travel kit that comes with multi-purpose sewing accessories carefully embedded in a box compartment that is compact & easy to carry.

Contents of the Sewing Kit:

  • Multi-color Thread Spools – 24
  • Scissor – 1 (small size)
  • Measuring Tape – 1
  • Needle Set – 1
  • Dress Hooks – 1 Pouch
  • Tailoring Chalks – 1
  • Thread Cutter – 1

Do note that this is a travel sewing kit and hence the accessories are offered in small sizes to fit the kit.

2. Perfect Life Ideas Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit Box

If you’re looking for a dedicated multipurpose sewing kit for basic to moderate tailoring needs, then this is just for you.

Perfect Life Ideas Tailoring Kit Box

You get almost all the required sewing accessories to stitch the clothes perfectly.

The plastic box compartment contains:

  • Multi-color Thread Spools – 28 (3ply)
  • Fabric Marking Chalk – 1
  • Scissor – 1 (medium size: 8.5″)
  • Needle – 1 (compact)
  • Trimmer – 1
  • Measuring Tape – 1 inch
  • Metal Bobbins – 4
  • Buttons – 1 set
  • Blouse Hook – 1 set
  • Needle Threader – 1
  • Snap Fastener – 1
  • Thimble – 1
  • Pearl Pin – 1
  • Seam Ripper – 1
  • Pant Hook – 1

This multipurpose tailoring kit is suitable for all ladies (learners & professionals) and is also the best gift option for your loved ones.

3. GOELX Travel Sewing kit for Daily Needs

This is one of the most affordable multipurpose sewing kit that comes with basic tailoring accessories for every day use.

GOELX Sewing kit

You can also easily carry the sewing kit anywhere as it is compact in size.

The items in the box are:

  • Multi-color Thread Spools – 24
  • Dress Hooks – 20
  • Scissor – 1 (medium size)
  • Measuring Tape – 1
  • Needles – 5
  • Bobbins – 5
  • Stitch Opener Tool – 1
  • Market Chalk – 1
  • Blouse Buttons 10
  • Safety Pins – 10

This is a perfect gift choice for your loved ones as it is budget friendly. However, the shipping charges are extra, which is a small minus.

4. LifeMaster Travel Sewing Repair KIT

Though a bit pricier than the above kits, this sewing repair kit helps you fix patches or other issues while stitching your clothes easily.

LifeMaster Sewing Repair KIT for Travel Needs

It comes with all basic tools that are required to fix common issues related to sewing.

You can also easily carry the repair kit with you anywhere and everything is tightly embedded in a zip lock bag for safe storage.

The contents in the kit include:

  • Multi-Color Threads – 24
  • Fabric Pencil – 1 (premium)
  • Measuring Tape – 1
  • Scissor – 1 (small size)
  • Beading Needles – Set
  • Buttons – 1 set
  • Pant & Blouse Hooks – 1 set
  • Safety Pins – 4
  • Needle Threaders – 2
  • Tweezers – 1
  • Dark Buckles – 3
  • Nail Clipper – 1
  • Mental Thimble – 1
  • Pear Pins – 1 set

It is an excellent gift option for both men and women who can use the kit to perform basic repairs of their clothes.

5. HASTHIP® Sewing Kit for Travel & Emergency Use

This is a premium sewing kit for professional tailoring needs as it comes with all the required sewing accessories.

HASTHIP Sewing Accessories Box

The kit box is lightweight (0.4kg) and is also compact in size for easy carrying with your anywhere.

All the accessories are made of high quality material and will last you a long time.

The contents of the sewing kit are:

  • Multi-Color Cotton Thread Spools – 30 (XL size)
  • Color Pins – 1 set
  • Clips – 4
  • Scissor – 1 (medium; stainless steel)
  • Seam Ripper – 1
  • Snap Fasteners – 5
  • Sweater Needle – 1 (plastic)
  • Marker Pencil – 1
  • Crochet Hook – 1
  • Threader – 1
  • Safety Pins – 5
  • Tape Measure – Premium; with box
  • Thimble – 1
  • Buttons – 3
  • Magnifying Glass – 1

The sewing tools comes embedded in a PU box case with Zip lock that keeps them secure.

Since all the tools are of high quality, the kit comes at a premium price of under Rs.1500.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the contents in a sewing kit?

A basic sewing kit should contain all the essential sewing accessories like:

1.Multicolored Threads
2.Scissors (small or medium)
3.Needle Threader
4.Markers or Chalks
5.Safety Pins
6.Tape for Measuring
9.Blouse Hooks
10.Pant Hooks

Difference between sewing tools and sewing equipment?

Sewing tools are those that help you stitch the clothes manually without the need of electricity such as scissors, needles etc…, while the sewing equipment are a part of the sewing machine.

What is the importance of sewing tools?

Sewing tools play an important role, especially when it comes to manual sewing (by hand). They help stitch clothes without using the sewing machine and hence can be done anywhere. All you need is a sewing kit handy to fix the patches or issue with your clothes.


I am personally using some of these sewing kits myself for various occasions like traveling and home purposes.

However, remember that not all the accessories/tools in the travel sewing kits are suitable for regular tailoring needs.

To accommodate more tools in a tiny box compartment, the brands usually offer the accessories in small sizes which are good for use while traveling or in emergency but cannot be used in regular day to day sewing.

So, choose from our list of the best sewing kits in India according to your usage requirements.