What is VR Headset?

A VR Headset is a wearable device (mounted on your head using a strap) that helps you experience world-wide locations and 3D games virtually in 360 degrees, by sitting at your home.

Best virtual reality headset gaming experience

Google Cardboard VR is the device that entirely changed the way we use our Smartphone these days and it is the one that made Virtual Reality easily accessible to the common people.

Unlike the olden days, you can now experience the movies and even play the popular games in virtual reality using the latest VR headsets in India (Think Bahubali-2 or Avatar in Virtual Reality).

There are many brands that entered the market with various VR headset models in India, but only a few are worth the investment. Thanks to the competition and advancement in technology, you can now easily get the best VR headset within 500 rs in India.

So, in this article, we’ll be listing out the top 10 Smart VR Glasses available in India with some advanced features like the gaming controls, in-built headphones etc…

But, before proceeding, please read the buying guide to understand the basic terms (factors) that help you pick the right VR glasses for yourself.

  • Field of View (FOV): It determines the extent of view you’ll be able to see using the VR headset. And, hence it plays a pivotal role in choosing the best product from the lot. The higher it is, the better the viewing experience will be.
  • Lens Quality: It is a no-brainer. The better the quality of the lens, the less affect on your eyes & greater the viewing angles and vice-versa.
  • Performance: There are many factors that decide the performance of a VR glass. We’ll see that in detail below.

List of Top 10 Best VR Headsets in India

Smart VR GlassesCompatibilityField of ViewBuilt-in HeadphonesRemote Controller
1.HTC VIVE Cosmos VR Systemfor PC110 degreeYesYes
2.Oculus Rift VR Setfor PC/XBoxAdjustableYesYes
3.Oculus Go Standalone VR HeadsetAndroid & iPhoneAdjustableYesNo
4.Samsung Gear VRSamsung Flagship PhonesAdjustableYesYes
5.Procus PRO VR HeadsetAndroid & iPhone100-200 degreesYesYes
6.Procus ONE VR GogglesAndroid & iPhone100 degreesNoNo
7.Ocular Grand VR GlassesAndroid & iPhone120 degreesYesNo
8.Irusu Play VR PlusAndroid & iPhoneAdjustableYesNo
9.Irusu Monster VR with Touch ButtonAndroid & iPhoneAdjustableNoYes
10.My VR Headset InfinityAndroid & iPhone120-degreesNoYes

Best VR Headset for PC in India

1. HTC VIVE Cosmos VR Headset

The VIVE Cosmos comes loaded with a 3.4 inch dual LCD screen (2880 x 1700 px) and offers a new tracking system with simplified setup.

It comes with 110 degree FOV (field of view) and 90 Hz refresh rate.

The new flip-up design of the headset allows the users to shift between virtual reality and reality with ease.

htc vive cosmos virtual reality system for pc

The controllers in the VIVE Cosmos are completely redesigned to maximize the functionality within the VR headset and made to be comfortable to wear during long play sessions.

The Cosmos is also compatible with the VIVE wireless adaptor so that you can enjoy the virtual reality experience without being tied to the wires.

You can also easily navigate the XR and VIVEPORT infinity applications using the LENS, an advanced user interface and Origin, a dynamic home space.

The VIVE Cosmos PC VR headset also comes with built-in headphones.

You’ll need a PC with USB 3.0, DisplayPort 1.2 to connect your VR headset.

The headset also comes with a USB Type-C 3.0 port and a proprietary connection to mods.

The latest VR headset for PC comes with a free, 1 year VIVEPORT infinity membership, which is worth Rs.7188.

This membership gives you unlimited access to 100’s of top-rated VR games, apps and videos from top brands like GoPro, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

These videos include Ninja Legends, A Fisherman’s Tale, Fujii etc…

You’ll also be getting the most popular shooting gamer (AEON) for free of cost on the purchase of this premium VR headset.

  • Pairs with all VR-ready PC desktop and laptops
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Loads of VR games in the library
  • Incredibly immersive virtual experience
  • Software partnership with Valve
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Minimal screen‑door effect
  • Needs a high-end GPU
  • Quite pricey

There is also another variant named HTC Vive that comes for a bit lesser price.

2. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System for PC

The Oculus Rift VR headset is designed for the Windows PC gaming users and it also supports Xbox games.

The VR system comes with 2 touch controllers, 2 tracking sensors and a VR headset.

oculus rift VR headset for computer
It can even work with a mouse and keyboard combination, joysticks, steering wheels and Xbox controller.

You can play from a number of VR games including flight simulations, horror games, strategy games, zombie games and many more.

Rift VR system comes with ultra low-latency tracking and it offers unparalleled immersion experience.


  • NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater Graphics Card
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or newer Operating System
  • High speed Internet connection
  • High-end gaming experience for PC users
  • Amazing Xbox content
  • Easy to set up
  • Lens spacing dial
  • Velcro strap size adjustment
  • Inbuilt 360-degree headphones
  • Best in the budget
  • Doesn’t support Mac

Best High-end VR Headset in India

3. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

As the name implies, the Oculus Go in an dedicated VR headset that doesn’t require any Smartphone to be docked inside to work.

All you need is to install the Oculus Companion App on your Android and iPhone and pair it using Bluetooth connection.

The headset looks stunning with amazing design and durable build quality.

oculus go vr box without smartphone

The adjustable straps are very comfortable to use for extended periods.

The controls are also very simple and you can use the power on/off button and the volume rocker button to control the device.

It also comes with a sensor that determines whether you’re using the device or not and automatically switches the headset on/off accordingly.

There is a micro-USB port for charging and it comes with built-in audio speakers. You also have the option to plug-in your headphones.

It comes with a wide quad, fast-switch LCD that dramatically improves the visual clarity and also reduces the screen-door effect.

It comes in 32GB and 64GB memory variants.

  • A completely standalone VR headset
  • Premium VR headset with great pixel density
  • Less Screen-Door Effect (SDE)
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Lots of VR games
  • 120-degree screen for Netflix
  • Not a very great battery life (2-3 hours). The advanced features consume more power.

4. Samsung Gear VR with Remote Controller

Samsung Gear VR headset comes with an immersive virtual reality experience and offers a wireless remote control.

Though a bit costly, the features are worth to try, especially if you’re an advanced gamer.

samsung gear high-end vr headset

The device looks premium with a sci-fi look and an all-body plastic design.

The Gear VR doesn’t allow any ambient light from bleeding into the headset, which is an issue in their previous model.

It supports all the Samsung flagship Smartphones.

  • Supports all Gear VR games
  • Smooth VR experience
  • Ergonomic Remote Controller
  • Lighter and more comfortable
  • Can be used on-the-go with your Samsung phone
  • Provides experience of Oculus Rift at a budget
  • Only works with Samsung flagship devices
  • When there is a heat, the lenses fog up a bit

Best VR Headset under 3000

5. Procus PRO VR Headset with Built-in Headphones

Inspired by the Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, the Procus Pro VR come with in-built speakers (decent bass and treble), volume control options and a touch button to operate the headset.

The PMMA lenses provide 100-200 FOV (large field of vision) and also helps reduce eye fatigue even on longer periods of usage.

procus pro vr glasses with headphones

The knobs on both sides of the headphones can be customized according to your needs to get the best Virtual Reality experience.

Using these VR Goggles, you can watch 3D movies, VR supported media and 360 degree photos and videos.

  • Japanese PMMA Lens
  • FOV: 100-120 degrees
  • Inbuilt Earphones
  • Adjustable headband
  • No Additional Pairing Required
  • Free VR Game
  • In-built Volume Control with button
  • 3 months of Warranty
  • You need to purchase the Bluetooth remote separately

6. Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

The Procus ONE is a mini variant of the Procus PRO, but with almost similar features like the 40mm lenses with expanded FOV, surpassing 100 degrees. But, it has no built-in headphones.

The polished HD optical lenses makes it comfortable for long periods of wearing.

You can adjust the screen distance using the built-in IPD adjustment feature.

procus one vr headset

The headset is lightweight and comes with adjustable headband, head support and foam face cushioning.

For gamers, there is a dedicated touch button built-in with the headset.

The headset supports Smartphone models with 4.7” to 6” screens and comes with gyroscope feature.

There is also enough space to plug-in your headphones externally.

You get a free VR game ‘ISOLATED’ worth Rs.500 along with purchase of the device.

  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Supports Android & iPhone with screen sizes from 4.7″ to 6 inches
  • 40MM Lens
  • FOV: > 100 degrees
  • Free VR game
  • Light weight
  • 3 months of warranty
  • A little costlier

7. Ocular Grand Adjustable VR Headset With Inbuilt Headphones

Ocular Grand is one of the best VR goggles with headset and many advanced features, that too at the best price.

It has lens distance adjustment knobs, inbuilt headphones, volume control, capacitive touch buttons and immersive 3D experience features.

oculus grand vr glasses with headphones

The elastic head-strap is pretty comfortable to wear for longer periods.

There is a 42mm HD lens to reduce eye fatigue and offers FOV of 120 degrees.

The built-in headphones come with max power of 50MW and they deliver 3D surround sound and enhance your VR experience.

The touch button allows you to control VR apps without taking out your smartphone.

It supports smartphones with screen sizes from 4” to 6”.

  • FOV: 120 degrees
  • 42 mm HD lens
  • Inbuilt headphones and has inbuilt volume controller
  • You can take/make calls using the microphone
  • Capacitative touch button lets you toggle the mobile screen while in VR mode
  • Compatible with 4”-6” Smartphones (Android & iPhone)
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Slightly heavy due to built-in headphones
  • Could have provided a blue tooth remote controller

8. Irusu Play VR Plus with Headphones and Remote Controller

Do you want to experience the IMAX cinema at your own house without having to invest in a 3D home theater? Then, you can just purchase this VR headset from Irusu.

You can not only watch 3D movies but also play 3D games while moving.

irusu play vr plus headset

Thanks to the in-built retractable earphones, you can listen to the music and can also answer the phone calls without taking out your mobile.

Thanks to the high quality ABS and 42mm spherical resin lens, you won’t feel visual fatigue and dizzy even though you use it for longer hours.

The headset supports screen sizes from 4.7 to 6 inches and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • Great comfort with a 3-way head strap
  • Removable front plate for Heat dissipation
  • Can answer calls while using the VR glasses
  • Inbuilt microphone and volume adjustment
  • Focal and IPD adjustment using touch buttons
  • Superior quality headphones
  • Best build quality
  • Supports 4.7 to 6 inch Smartphones
  • The provided remote control is not that user-friendly. Needs time to adjust.

9. Irusu Monster VR with Remote & Touch Button

The Monster VR comes with a big polarized 42MM HD resin lenses that are calibrated and has anti-fogging technology.

irusu monster vr headset

You also get a free Bluetooth remote and a clicker.

The newly curved ergonomic design with super foam protector is very comfortable to wear for longer duration.

You can also remove the front tray for dissipating the heat of your Smartphone.

Thanks to the bigger side slots, you can easily insert your mobile and headphones without having to worry about the space inside.

It supports Smartphones with screen sizes starting from 4.5 to 6 inch.

  • highly calibrated 42MM HD RESIN LENSES
  • Remote Controller and Conductive Touch Button
  • Supports android or IOS devices
  • Anti Fogging technology
  • Larger FOV and reduced window effect
  • Front tray for dissipating the heat
  • A bit pricier for the specs

Best VR Headset under 2000

10. Irusu MINI 3D VR Headset with Bluetooth Remote

The Irusu Mini VR is the latest VR headset that supports screen sizes up to 6.4 inches, which means you can use larger screen mobiles with these Smart glasses.

The 42MM HD optical lenses provide better FOV and reduce deformity and glare.

irusu mini vr headset for 3D movies

It also comes with free Bluetooth remote and you can view 3D movies, play 3D games and also watch 360 degree videos effortlessly.

Just install the Irusu VR Zone app to have all your VR apps at one place.

The headset is compatible with iOS and Android.

  • 42mm Diameter HD Optical Lenses
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Wear Glasses while using the VR headset
  • Preventing Visual Fatigue
  • Supports large screen mobiles
  • Remote batteries are not rechargeable

11. My VR Headset Infinity

Don’t want to miss the calls, but enjoy the VR, then the My VR Infinity Goggles are just for you.

These VR Glasses come with call answering button, wireless sound headset and 120 degree FOV.

my vr infinity glasses

It supports mobiles with screen sizes from 4.5 to 6.2 inches.

It comes with amazing features that none of the products in the list possess.

However, the only downside is the bulkiness of the headset.

So, if you don’t have a problem with the weight (slightly overweight than the regular headsets), then this is the perfect device for you.

  • Large lens: 120-degree FOV
  • superior lens (42mm)
  • lens adjustment via IPD
  • Inbuilt clicking button (remote not required)
  • Little bulkier

Best VR Headset under 1000

12. Ocular Swift Adjustable VR Glasses

The Ocular Swift VR Glasses come with a fully flexible design that allows you to adjust the lens distance as per your requirement.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices ranging from a screen size of 4.5 to 6 inches.

ocular swift smart vr glasses

Thanks to the 42MM superior quality lens, you can enjoy HD IMAX cinema effect, 3D gaming and 360 degree video experience.

The headset incorporates super soft cushioning so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while using it for longer periods.

Above all, the device weighs just 160gms.

  • Best budget VR headset
  • 42 MM Lenses (Adjustable)
  • FOV surpassing 100 degrees
  • Extra room for eye glasses
  • Compatible with 4.5”-6” Smartphones
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Not for heavy users; Only for light gaming & viewing needs

Smart VR Headset (Buying Guide)

Thanks to the magnum opus Bahubali franchise, the craze for VR headsets has increased suddenly.

But, not many people were unaware of its real uses and how to choose the best VR glasses in India.

So, in this guide, we’ll explain you the different features of a VR headset you should check before purchasing one for yourself.

1. Lens Quality

The first thing you should check in a VR goggles is the quality of its lens without which it is absolutely useless.

Generally, cheap VR headsets come with poor lense quality.

Ideally, the lenses should be of minimum 42mm diameter.

2. Field of View (FOV)

FOV is nothing but the extent of visible world that can be seen at any point of time.

Simply said, FOV is viewing a video or image at 360◦ rotational angle.

3. Wearing Comfort

There are some headsets that are made using heavy plastic material, thus making it uncomfortable to wear for longer periods.

So, choose the one with soft cushions and has less weight on your ears.

4. Hardware Design

There are headsets which look ugly and there are those that look stylish or simple. Along with the features, the design also plays a major role in giving you a cool guy look.

So, choose a design that you like the most along with all these features. Also, remember to choose a headset with headphones built-in for better experience.

5. Remote Controllers

Most VR headsets come with remote controllers that help you monitor or control the functionalities of the headset.

These help a lot as you don’t have to manually take out the smartphone to change the video or image. Just use the Bluetooth remote to do the job wirelessly.

6. Build Quality

Build quality is another feature to look at as it will make your headset to stay longer without any breaks or damages.

Check the headsets made with Eco-friendly materials like optical resins with 8-layer Nano coating and high quality lightweight plastic.

7. Movie Watcher vs Gamer

There are some casual VR headsets that are beneficial for people who watch videos regularly.

But, if you’re a game lover, then you should definitely choose the high-end gaming VR headsets to experience extreme gaming visuals.

8. VR Headset Prices in India

Basic models with minimal features can be bought under the price of Rs.500 to Rs.1500.

But, if you’re looking for long-lasting Smart VR glasses with advanced features, then you should shell out a bit more.

How to Watch Videos using the VR Headset?

Follow the below instructions when you want to play videos on your VR glasses.

  • First, select the video you wanted to play on YouTube.
  • Next, place the smartphone inside the VR headset.
  • Attach the VR glasses to your ears.
  • Now, adjust the lens according to your suitability until the image is clear.
  • You can increase or decrease the volume using the button on the device.

Tip: Play video in ‘autoplay’ so that you don’t have to take out the smartphone multiple times.

How to Play Games using VR Headset?

VR Headset FAQs

Which is the best VR box in India?

Oculus Go (Standalone) and Procus Pro One are the two best VR headsets for Android and iPhone users in India.

Is VR box harmful for eyes?

Prolonged use of anything is harmful and it is the same with a VR box. In children with already weak eye movement, it is not suggested to use the VR glasses.

How much does a full VR set cost?

A good branded VR headset costs anywhere from Rs.2000 to Rs.25000 for Smartphone users and up to Rs.100000 for PC gaming users.

Can VR experience kill you?

Absolutely not. But, you may get injured by hitting an object or falling while encased in a VR device.

Can Virtual Reality damage your brain?

There is no scientific evidence that a VR experience could damage your brain cells. You may however experience dizziness after prolonged use.

What age is VR headset suitable for?

Starting teenage (13+), everyone can use the VR glasses as long as they don’t already have eye issues.

Do you need a PC for VR?

If you want to experience high end gaming and ultra HD movies, then you’ll need devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets that are compatible with PC. Else, you can use a regular VR glass for smartphones.

Are VR games free?

Most of the VR games are free to use, while some high-end 3D games require a subscription fee. It depends on the individual requirements.

What to do if the video I’m playing on VR is blurry?

In such cases, you should first check whether the mobile-whether position is flat or fit to the VR headset.

Next, you should also check whether the zoom option is enabled in your device or not. If yes, try to shut off the function via the Settings.

That’s all friends! These are the most popular & best VR headsets in India at the moment. Pick the one according to your budget and requirement.