Purchasing a treadmill for home is definitely a wise decision as it not only helps in getting fit but also improves your overall health.

Having a treadmill at home is very convenient for many as they don’t have to travel to the Gym centers, early in the morning, wait for their turn and then use it.

Easy DIY Treadmill Care and Maintenance Tips

However, since the treadmill is a big investment, you’ll have to take proper care of it to ensure it lasts for a very long time so that your investment will not go wasted.

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Why Should You Maintain Your Treadmill?

Of-course, even I hate cleaning and maintenance job like every one.

But, it is our job to take proper care of our treadmill in order for it to run smoothly without any issues.

After all, it is helping us improve our health, even though we’re putting great stress on its components, without which it won’t function properly and you’ll have to start looking for a new treadmill.

So, it is our duty to spend at least 5 to 10 minutes on the maintenance part.

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Easy to Do Treadmill Care & Maintenance Tips

Before everything else, make sure that your home treadmill is connected to an AC outlet that is properly grounded, else the console may get damaged due to power fluctuations.

If possible, use a dedicated AC plug port for your treadmill so that it can be connected to the board permanently, rather than removing it frequently up on use.

And here are some maintenance tips categorized into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines.

Tools Required:

Daily Treadmill Maintenance Routine

If you use your treadmill every day, then you should definitely care for its longevity.

  • Clean it – Every time you use the machine, there will be a lot of sweat that builds on the machine, which if uncleaned regularly, will make the metal parts to get rusted. It will also invite bacterial and fungal growth.

So, it is highly advised to wipe down any moisture (sweat) on the machine, especially on both sides of the belt and other exposed areas, using a damp cloth or sponge.

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Weekly Treadmill Maintenance Routine

Once a week, perform these easy to do maintenance tasks to see that the treadmill is working properly.

  • Check the Belt – Ensure that the walking belt and deck has no signs of wear and tear. It should also be centered and straight. To align it, use the bolts on both sides at the rear of the treadmill machine.
  • Vacuum underneath the Machine – As you regularly use your treadmill at home, a lot of dust will accumulate around and underneath the machine. So, try to dust it off using a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

Monthly Treadmill Maintenance Routine

Once a month, perform these highly important maintenance tasks to ensure the treadmill runs smoothly.

  • Adjust the Belt Tension – With time, the walking or running belt will get loose and will begin to slip, which may also damage it. So, tighten the bolts to adjust the tension of the belt. Please read your user’s manual for correct adjustment settings.
  • Check the Bolts and Nuts – A running treadmill machine usually comes with lots of bolts and nuts to keep the frame in place. As you use it often, those bolts/nuts may get loose due to vibration. So, ensure all the bolts are tightened.

Yearly Treadmill Maintenance Routine

Most popular treadmill brands suggest these maintenance tasks to prolong the lifespan of your machine, for the better.

  • Lubricate – Try to use lubrication at least once a year for smooth functioning of the treadmill. Some types of lubricants require to be applied more often. [See: How to Lubricate the Treadmill Belt?]
  • Replace the Belt – If you use the treadmill daily at home, for at least an hour or so, then you should definitely consider replacing the walking belt as it eventually gets worn out. It will also increase the deck’s lifespan.
  • Vacuum Inside the Motor Compartment – Turn off the machine, remove the motor cover and vacuum the inside of the motor compartment, without touching any parts with your hand or vacuum nozzle as they’re all very delicate.

In case if you encounter any mechanical or electrical issues related to treadmill, immediately call for professional help. Also, make sure you don’t mess up with the bigger issues that are out of your control, as they could make your warranty void.

You can find the service center number (customer care) on the user’s manual provided with the purchase of your treadmill.

Well, these are the basic easy to do treadmill maintenance tips to improve its efficiency as well as the lifespan.