What is an Astronomical Telescope?

A Telescope is like a binocular with extra powered lenses, which makes distant objects appear nearer, whereas the astronomical telescope is designed especially for observing the sky, planets and galaxies in our solar system.

Astronomical Telescope for Viewing Planets & Deep Space Photography

The galaxy is unfathomable. If the sheer beauty of the universe, the planets and the stars…astonishes and intrigues you, buying a telescope can be worth your money.

A good astronomical telescope brings the entire galaxy right in front of you, helping explore what lies beyond the earth.

However, buying a telescope is not easy. There are different brands and models available in the market but only few of them are worth purchasing.

For astro-photography enthusiasts, beginners or those having keen interest in astronomy, we have compiled only the best telescopes in India, known for their cutting-edge features and performance.

Check out our comprehensive Telescope buying guide to help make a smart choice.

Top 10 Astronomical Telescopes for Beginners in India

Astronomical TelescopesFocal LengthMagnifying CapacityApertureExpert Reviews
1.Celestron Specialty Series FirstScope300 mm180x76 mmBest Telescope for kids and beginners
2.Gskyer 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope350 mm105x60 mmEntry-level astronomical telescope
3.Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope700 mm165x70 mmGreat for children and families
4.Celestron Speciality Series Travel Telescope400 mm165x70 mmIdeal for casual as well as terrestrial astronomical observation
5.Orion Observer 80ST Equatorial Refractor400 mm165x80 mmA powerful grab-and-go telescope
6.Celestron 21062 AstroMaster 70 EQ400 mm165x70 mmOne of the best astronomical telescopes in India
7.Celestron Inspire 100Az Refractor660 mm266x100 mmA good choice for hungry learners
8.Celestron NexStar 5 SE Telescope1250 mm295x81 mmBest telescope for deep space exploration
9.Sky Watcher EvoStar 100 APO Doublet Refractor900 mm197x100 mmIdeal for astro-photography and visual astronomy
10.Celestron Power Seeker 21039600 mm118x50 mmPerfect for celestial or terrestrial viewing
Tip: If you’re tight on budget, you can buy any good VR headset to watch the solar system and planets virtually.

Best Telescope for Viewing Planets & Galaxies in India

1. Celestron Speciality Series FirstScope Telescope

If you are looking for the best astronomical telescope for beginners in India, the Celestron Speciality Series FirstScope is certainly worth considering.

Celestron FirstScope Telescope for Kids

The entry-level telescope is lightweight, compact and easy to use – most suitable for beginners who want to pursue astronomy as a hobby or profession.

The 76mm aperture provides bright and clear view of the night sky.

It has a magnifying capacity of 180x which helps view distant objects in the galaxy with most clarity.

The light gathering power is 118x. It has a range of smart features that will make astronomical viewing fun and enjoyable for children and beginners.

  • Lightweight and compact that can be easily carried around
  • Stylish design with excellent built and finish
  • Requires no installation, assembling or settings
  • Highly inexpensive
  • Can be used by children to view planets and stars
  • Limited magnification capabilities
  • No instructions provided

2. Gskyer 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope  

The Gskyer 60mm AZ is a nice entry-level astronomical telescope that features 350mm focal length and 60mm aperture that provide superior clarity in viewing celestial bodies during the day or at night.

Gskyer Telescope for Land and Space Viewing

A striking feature of this telescope is its 3x Barlow lens that increases its magnification level by up to 105 times.

So you can expect a higher viewing capacity than other telescopes in its price range.

It is lightweight and portable which you can easily carry while traveling.

  • High-quality aluminum body that is lightweight yet robust and durable
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Enhanced brightness and image clarity up to 105x magnification
  • Improved viewing capacity which makes it most suitable for kids and beginners
  • Good warranty for the telescope and its parts
  • Shorter focal length makes the telescope unfit for use by professional
  • The tripod stand is not ideal for taller people

3. Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope   

If you have just started off in astronomy and want a telescope that is powerful in performance, then the Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ is one of the best telescope for viewing planets and galaxies in India.

Celestron Powerseeker 70EQ Telescope

It sports a powerful focal length of 700mm with an astounding 165x magnification.

Its 3x Barlow lens triples the magnification level to deliver excellent viewing clarity.

The telescope comes with two eyepieces, one of which provides the highest useful magnification of 175x.

  • Best Telescope under 10000
  • Multi-coated glass optical components help improve light transmission, rendering crisp and clear images
  • The telescope is easy and quick to assemble, even for children and novices
  • Comes with slow motion controls that make it easier to track celestial objects and have enhanced view
  • Robust alt-azimuth mount for seamlessly pointing the telescope to the desired object in the galaxy
  • Considered one of the best telescopes for deep space
  • Too narrow aperture
  • Many components are made of plastic which gives the telescope a cheap and fragile feel
  • Beginners have to track celestial objects by themselves; no “go-to” element included

4. Celestron Speciality Series Travel Scope 70 Telescope   

The Celestron Speciality Series Travel Scope 70 is a refractor telescope that is suitable for celestial and terrestrial viewing.

Celestron Speciality Travel Telescope

The focal length is only 400mm while the aperture is 70mm, perfect only for children who want to experience the galaxy through a telescope.

It is compact and lightweight, and can be easily taken on your travel expeditions.

The telescope comes with two eyepieces, alt-azimuth mount type, a 5×24 finderscope, 45-degree erect image diagonal, and a custom backpack.

  • Eyepieces provide better image clarity and crispness
  • Easy to carry and seamlessly fits in a backpack
  • Fully coated glass lens for enhance viewing
  • Ideal for kids who want to observe the moon and the planets
  • Poor focal length
  • The alt-azimuth mount and the finderscope are not much useful

5. Orion Observer 80ST 80mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

The Orion Observer 80ST 80mm Equatorial Refractor is a decent entry-level telescope that is lightweight, easy to set up, and ensure superior performance at an affordable price.

Orion Observer Refractor Telescope for Stargazing

It has a small aperture of 80mm and a wider viewing field that make it a good choice for observing objects in the solar system or the clusters, galaxies or other Messier Objects.

It is built with high quality optics that renders bright, crisp and crystal clear images of the moon and the planets.

The telescope comes with an equatorial mount and adjustable tripod that helps observe celestial bodies with more ease and accuracy.

  • It weighs only 4.5 kg and is extremely lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • Fast and simple to assemble
  • The equatorial mount is designed for astrophotography, primarily of the solar system
  • Inexpensive and ensures a good value for money
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Wide field view often makes it complex to achieve detailed view in high magnification
  • Plastic-built components must be carefully handled
  • If you want to buy the best telescope for deep space, this isn’t the right one for you

6. Celestron 21062 AstroMaster 70 EQ Refractor Telescope

The Celestron 21062 AstroMaster 70 EQ telescope features an achromatic refractor that delivers superior optical performance.

Celesctron AstroMaster Refractor Telescope

It is one of the best telescope to buy under 20000 rupees in India.

It does require any set up and comes with two power eyepieces, a correct image diagonal prism, and planetarium software.

Achromatic refractors with two-piece objective lens eliminate “chromatic aberration”, i.e. blue fringes or false colour that you will often see in cheaper telescopes.

Its 70mm aperture with equatorial mount and superior performance makes it one of the best astronomical telescopes in India.

The tripod is built with stainless steel which is sturdy and provides a strong base to ensure smooth-free celestial observing.

  • Two eyepieces with 45x and 90x magnification respectively
  • Slow motion controls to make it easier to find and observe celestial objects
  • The optics are pretty good and deliver crisp and clear images
  • Reliable and sturdy refractor design
  • Simple, no tool set up
  • It is not portable and cannot be carried around easily

7. Celestron Inspire 100Az Refractor Telescope

The Celestron Inspire 100AZ is a short refractor telescope with 100mm focal length and combines advanced Celestron technology with great optics, portability and ease of use.

Celestron Inspire Refractor Telescope for Space Viewing

It has the largest aperture in the Inspire product range and comes with a short tube that delivers a wider viewing field.

At an affordable price point, this is good telescope suitable for observing the moon, planets, star clusters, and even deep sky objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy or the Orion Nebula.

It features an Erect Image Star Diagonal that allows you to leverage the optical tube as a Spotting Scope for terrestrial viewing during the day.

  • Most suitable for beginners as well as intermediaries
  • Easy and fast to set up without the need of any tool
  • Fully coated glass optics deliver clear and crisp views
  • Alt-Az control makes it easier to achieve accurate pointing
  • Lightweight and compact, which is easy to carry anywhere
  • Does not come with slow motion control which means objects can quickly drift out of the scope
  • It is primarily designed for terrestrial use; you might need one more aligned to have astronomical viewing

8. Celestron NexStar 5 SE Telescope     

The Celestron NexStar 5 SE is a computerized telescope that combines advanced GoTo tracking and excellent optics in a stylish and portable design.

Celestron Nexstar Telescope for Stargazing

Premium Starbright XLT optical coatings deliver high contrast and crisp view of the planets, the moon and other brighter objects in the deep space.

It comes with a 25mm plossl eyepiece with 50x magnification that is highly powerful and renders excellent viewings.

Revolutionary SkyAlign alignment technology does not require you to have knowledge in astronomy.

Simply center any three bright objects and the scope will automatically target thousands more.

  • Computerized GoTo mount that can seamlessly locate and target celestial objects for you as they move
  • A great 25mm eyepiece with excellent magnification of 50x
  • Stainless steel tripod that provides more stable viewing
  • Does not require any assembling; can be used right away after opening the box
  • The tripod and the tube are lightweight and can be carried around conveniently
  • Highly expensive

9. Sky Watcher EvoStar 100 APO Doublet Refractor Telescope      

If you have a knack for astrophotography, the Sky Watcher EvoStar 100 APO Doublet Refractor telescope is the best telescope to buy in India.

Skywatcher Evostar Telescope

Offering a wide viewing field, it is most suitable for astronomical observation of galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae from a dark-sky location.

The scope is also ideal as an astrograph for high-quality sky photography.

With a telephoto lens and terrestrial spotting scope, it delivers superb performance.

It comes with Schott glass optical lens that delivers exceptionally crisp, bright and clear images.

The telescope also features ultra-high contrast that aids in observing and tracking even the smallest of details.

  • Excellent design and built with petite silhouette and portability
  • 2-inch dual-speed, Crayford-style focused to get crisp and precise images
  • Optical tube comes with knee-edge baffles that minimizes stray light which can distort the image
  • Best quality, extra-low dispersion glass with Sky Watcher proprietary coating to deliver enhanced color correction
  • The focuser does not fit properly
  • The adapters have a rough edge

10. Celestron Power Seeker 21039 Telescope      

The Celestron Power Seeker 21039 is a popular entry-level telescope for novices but delivers superior performance.

Celesctron Power Seeker Telescope for Professionals

It is available as 50AZ, 60AZ, 70AZ and 80AZ short refractor scope.

The unique erect image optics is most suitable for astronomical as well as land observing.

It comes with 2x Barlow lens that almost doubles its magnifying power of 118x for clear and deep viewing.

It features a 600mm focal length and 5×24 finderscope.

The telescope is powerful yet portable and provides improved optical performance that will inspire a beginner to explore the interesting world of astronomy.

  • All glass optical components with full, high-transmission coatings that deliver improved image clarity and brightness
  • Sturdy and collapsible Alta-azimuth mount that is ideal for both astronomical and terrestrial viewing
  • Comes with three eyepieces that improve the magnification radically
  • Highly robust yet lightweight that can be easily carried; perfect for camping
  • Extremely affordable
  • Poor quality finderscope that also makes the clusters and other celestial objects appear faint
  • The telescope has a long tube-like structure which increases shakiness on the slightest touch, making it difficult to find and track the objects

A Comprehensive Telescope Buying Guide

Now that we have reviewed the top 10 telescopes in India, let’s understand what factors you should consider to buy the right telescope.

But if you are truly serious about observing the moon, the planets or even beyond, it is first important to find the right observing location.

You should have a dark spot and not some light-polluted night sky that gives you faint galaxies to observe.

Additionally, here are some important factors you should keep in mind before buying a telescope.

Types of Telescopes:

Typically, there are three primary types of telescopes in the market today:

1. Reflectors:

Reflector is the best telescope to buy in India. It captures light from distant galaxies and celestial bodies through a concave mirror located at the back of the main tube.

Reflecting Telescope Diagram

Reflectors are the most widely used telescopes by professional astronomers as well as beginners.

An advantage of buying a reflector telescope is its affordability.

However, it would need adjusting the optical alignment frequently and also requires cleaning & maintenance.

2. Refractors:

Refracting telescopes have a large front lens which captures and focuses the light from the galaxy, and renders it like an image through a smaller lens known as eyepiece.

Refracting Telescope Diagram

However, as the aperture gets larger, the price of the telescope increases substantially. Refractors offers improved optical quality and are low maintenance.

Typically, these are built sturdier and are less cumbersome.

These are ideal for planetary and lunar observations. But refractors are very long in size and if you want the eyepiece to be at a decent viewing height, you would need a strong and tall tripod for support.

Additionally, these are not ideal if you want to buy the best telescope for deep space.

3. Catadioptric Telescopes or Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes:

These bring the best of both reflectors and refractors, and present a unique lens-and-mirror combo.

Catadioptric Telescope Diagram

The compound telescopes come with compact tubes and are fairly lightweight.

Optical folding capability makes for a lighter mounting and increased portability.

These telescopes come with technological accessories and instructions, making them user-friendly and easy-to-use for beginners.

Compound telescopes are also suitable for astrophotography.  

Telescope Features:

To buy the best telescope for viewing planets and galaxies in India, it is important to take the following key features into consideration:

i. Lens/Mirror

The primary component of a telescope is its lens or mirror – the bigger the lens, the better.

Whether you are a beginner or need a telescope for astronomical or scientific purpose, it is crucial to take the quality of mirror or lens into consideration.

Mirrors are more precisely built and may have smoother surfaces than lenses.

On the other hand, lenses can bend the light differently of different wavelengths. This can increase the complexity of focusing the right object.

ii. Magnification

The telescope’s magnification plays an integral role in delivering high quality, crisp and bright images.

Higher the magnification power, better the quality of image you will get.

But excessively magnifying an image that the telescope’s lens or mirror creates will either make a bright object appear blurry or a dim object dimmer.

Therefore, just having the right magnification level is important.  

iii. Aperture

The aperture helps determine the scope’s ability to gather light and is one of the most important features you should consider when buying the best telescope in India.

Typically, a larger aperture is better to make the objects appear brighter but these are highly expensive too.

Additionally, you should also take into consideration factors like storage space and portability when choosing a larger aperture.

iv. Focal Length

Focal length of the telescope is an important feature because it helps determine how well it magnifies an object.

It is the distance between the primary mirror/lens and the point where the object comes into focus.

v. Finderscope

It is better to buy a telescope that comes with a finder because it makes it simpler to find celestial or terrestrial objects.

Size of the Telescope:

Bigger is not always better; at least not when you want to buy a telescope to pursue your hobby of sky gazing.

If you are a beginner in the field of astronomy or inquisitive about viewing the planets or the moon, then a smaller, lightweight and portable telescope is worth considering.

Find one which you can easily carry or fits into the car.

However, if you are a professional astronomer and want the best telescope for deep space, then you can consider buying a larger size.

The bigger sized telescope will help capture more light from dimmer objects and make them appear brighter, crisp and clear.

Mount Type:

A telescope needs something strong and sturdy to provide support during celestial or terrestrial viewing.

Most lightweight and portable telescopes often compromise with the quality of mount and this can distract your overall galaxy viewing experience.

Additionally, it can make it more complex to get the right viewing angle.

Therefore, merely considering the price, compactness or portability of the telescope is not enough.

The mounting should also be built strong and robust to provide the right level of support to the scope.

Taking these factors into consideration will help you make a wise choice regarding the best telescope to buy in India.  

Telescope FAQs for Beginners

Still not sure which telescope should you buy? The answers to these frequently asked questions will help you choose right.

What type of telescope is right for me?

It will depend on the location of setting up the telescope, type of observations you want, and your level of expertise in astronomy.

Do you want to observe the planets and the moon or go more deep into the nebulae or galaxies?

Are you looking for a larger telescope with a larger aperture or a more lightweight and compact one for your hobby? Reflectors are ideal for deep-sky astronomy, while refractors are the best bet for planetary and lunar observations.

Your choice will depend on whether you want an entry-level telescope or one for professional astronomy or Astro-Photography.

What should be the ideal magnification of my telescope?

Magnification is one aspect where beginners are likely to get misguided when buying their first telescope.

Do not fall prey to 200x or 400x magnification hypes you will come across – it is not the ideal factor you should consider in buying a telescope.

An optimal magnification level can be easily achieved through an eyepiece; what is more important is the aperture which provides true measure of the scope’s performance.

Should I buy a bigger telescope?

That would depend on why you need the telescope. For instance, professional astronomers engage with deep sky observation and astrophotography, and would want a telescope with a bigger aperture. A bigger aperture means a larger telescope as found in observatories.

On the other hand, if you have just started off with astronomy or pursuing it as a hobby, it is better to buy a smaller telescope which is lightweight, portable and easy to store.

I want to buy a telescope for my kids? Which is the right one for them?

One of the key features to consider when buying a telescope for kids is its aperture.

A Telescope with 4” aperture is good enough for kids to enjoy observing the moon and the solar system planets.

Additionally, it must be lightweight with a kids-friendly and strong telescopic mount so that they can easily view through the eyepiece. A basic and inexpensive telescope is ideal for kids.


Buying the best telescope in India should not be complex if you focus on simple aspects such as the telescopic design & type, and the aperture.

In addition to these, user experience, focal length and focal ratio of the telescope are other crucial factors to consider.

It is important to thoroughly review each feature, specification, pros & cons of the telescope before investing in a telescope.

Based on the above review, you can make a smart decision in buying the best astronomical telescope in India.