What is Note Counting Machine?

Note Counter or Currency counting machine is an electronic device that automatically counts the money, either in stacks or loose cash and provide you with a total tally in just a few seconds. They are very handy for banks, hotels, retail shops etc… where the money transactions are higher.

These Note counting machines have taken the banking sector by storm by simplifying the process of counting large volumes of money (bundles) that is being deposited into the banks every day by the customers.

Best Money Counter Machine India

Not just for the banks and business environments, the cash counter machines are very useful for individuals who deal with large sums of money, especially where there is a huge problem of fake currencies in India.

Yes! Finding the counterfeit or fake currency notes is one of the biggest problems in India.

Fortunately, thanks to the advancement in technology, we’ve these top 10 money counting machines with fake note detector feature that make your job simpler.

Top Pick
Godrej Crusader Lite

Godrej Crusader Lite

This is our #1 Choice when it comes to quick & effective money counting. It counts notes at the speed of 1000 notes/min and can accommodate 300 notes at a time.

It also supports all the old and new denominations.

There is also 1 year of warranty from the manufactuter.

The Top 5 Cash Counting Machines in India with Fake Note Detector are:

Money Counting Machine BrandStacking CapacityCounting SpeedWarranty
1.Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counter (The Best)3001000/min1 Year
2.Ooze Currency Counting Machine (Value for Money)3001000/min1 Year
3.SToK ST-MC05 Currency Counting Machine (Budget Friendly)1301000/min1 Year
4.SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine2001000/min1 Year
5.GOBBLER GB5388 Money Counting Machine2001000/min1 Year
6.Maxsell Mx50 Note Counting Machine2001000/min1 Year
7.Kross IS 5900 bs Note Counting Machine2001000/min1 Year

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1. Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counter Machine

Godrej is a top brand when it comes to best office security & storage equipment.

The Crusader Lite is one of the most advanced currency counter with UV light, infrared & magnetic sensors to detect fake, torn and double notes and automatically stops when it finds one.

Godrej Crusader Lite Money Counting machine

There is also a big dual TFT display screen and the machine is made of durable build quality.

It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and includes multiple features like batching, adding and self-examination of half-notes and broken notes.

It could accommodate 300 notes at a time.

It looks stylish and is ideal for places where the cash handling is high.

It supports both old and new currency notes.

You get 1 year Godrej warranty and frequent firmware updates from the manufacturer.

For any assistance, you can call Godrej customer care @ 1800 209 9955.

  • Stylish design
  • Foldable dual display screen for owner & customer
  • Easy to use operation
  • Supports all types of currency notes (old & new)
  • Best brand
  • A bit pricey

2. ooze Notes Counting Machine

Ooze is another budget note counter with fake currency detector in India. It comes with external display, which comes handy where there is a need to let the customers know the data.

You can simply place this external display close to the customer.

ooze note counter machine

You can count the notes in bulk very fast and the result can be seen on the LED display.

The machine has the compatibility to count new currency notes.

It uses UV, watermark sensor and magnetic sensors to count & find counterfeit notes and interestingly, the machine also supports foreign currencies like USD and EUR along with INR.

The counting speed is 1000 notes per minute. Hopper capacity is 15 mm and Stacker capacity is 30 mm.

  • Easy to use
  • Very fast counting
  • Supports foreign currencies too (dollars & euros)
  • 1-year warranty
  • No extra display for clients

3. SToK ST-MC05 Currency Counter Machine

This is an advanced version of the ST-MC01 and comes with a unique design, LCD display and beep function.

SToK st mc05 fake note detector

It is compatible with old and new INR notes -Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 & 2000.

It automatically detects fake notes, half notes, double notes with UV & Magnetic IR while counting and can also be used for USD, Euro, etc.

Hopper Capacity – 130pcs & Stacker Capacity – 130pcs

It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute.

  • Supports old and new notes
  • Easy to use: Auto and Manual
  • Can detect half note, defected notes etc…
  • 1 year warranty
  • Nothing

4. SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine

After thorough research, we found the SToK ST MC01 to be the best cash counting machine in India with fake note detector and other advanced features.

StoK ST MC01 Currency Counter

It is compatible with old and new INR denominations – Rs.10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000.

It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute. And thanks to the UV light and magnetic sensors, the machine can automatically detect half notes, fake notes and double notes with perfection.

It comes with a hopper size of 300 notes and stacker capacity of 200 notes at a time.

Other features include automatic start/stop, clearing, batching, adding and self-examination.

It comes with 1 year warranty & is ideal for those with huge cash-flow.

  • Easy to use
  • Auto batching and examination
  • Supports all types of notes – half, double etc…
  • Not effective in counting the fragile notes

5. GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting Machine

This currency counting machine uses magnetic sensor and UV light to detect duplicates, cut notes and chain notes easily.

It even displays the information of waste notes on the monitor.

GOBBLER GB5388 Notes Counting machine

It can count at a speed of 1000 notes per minute.

Another good thing is that it can count the USD (American dollars) without any issues and supports all INR denominations starting from Rs.10 to Rs.2000 and new Rs.50 and Rs.200 notes.

Other features include automatic start/stop, batching and self-examination.

It comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Fast Counting Speed
  • Best Cash Counting Machine For Sale
  • 200 notes stack capacity
  • Works continously up to 2 hours at a stretch
  • Noiseless
  • No cons as such

6. Maxsell Mx50 Money Counting Machine

This machine can count the new Rs.50, Rs.200, Rs.500 and Rs.2000 without any issues and can even count the newly launching Rs.100 and Rs.10 notes.

Maxsell Smart Cash Counter Machine

It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and hopper capacity of 200, stacker capacity of 200 notes.

The design is unique and it has durable build quality.

There is an LCD display with error indication alarm.

It makes use of the UV and Magnetic sensors to find the fake currency notes automatically.

Other features include add, batching, color change when fake note is detected.

  • Fast counting speed
  • Easier to use modes
  • Built-in dust collector
  • External display unit for customers
  • Also supports batching
  • Good build quality
  • Makes a little noise while in operation
  • Sometimes, it needed hopper adjustment to ease stacking of notes

7. Kross IS 5900 bs Money Counting Machine

If you’re looking for the best note counting machine under 8000 rupees, then you can opt for the Kross IS 5900 bs.

Kross Fake Money Detection & Counting machine

It can count notes as well as detect fake currencies using the UV and Magnetic IR sensors.

The machine can accommodate 200 notes at a time and can count at a speed of 1000 notes per minute.

Hopper Capacity: 15 mm; Stacker Capacity: 30 mm

It also accepts USD otes and is ideal for supermarkets, restaurants and other small businesses.

The product comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and you can contact Kross customer care @ 9029888499.

  • Easy operation
  • Touch keypad is handy
  • Supports foreign currencies
  • Can detect double notes, broken or fake notes
  • Complimentary dust free storage bag
  • It makes noise at high speed

Benefits of Using Money Counting Machines

Below are a few popular benefits of using the note counters in our daily operations.

1. Automatic Note Counting Machines Save Time

Yes, the #1 USP of the automatic note counting machines is that they can count denominations at a much faster pace than any human.

They’re capable of handling a great deal of cash in just a few seconds, thus increasing your productivity.

Just place the stack of notes (with same denomination) in the machine and see the magic for yourself. You don’t have to recount those notes and waste your time.

2. Cash Counters are Accurate 99.9% of the Time

Humans can make an error while counting huge stacks of cash but machines rarely make a mistake.

They count the notes with 99.9% accuracy. The only time the count is wrong is when the notes are stuck together as they’re old or soiled.

So, it is our mistake and we should always ensure such notes are separated before placing them in the counting machine.

3. Currency Counting Machines are Easy to Operate

These machines are very easy to operate and for different tasks, you’ve the user manual that makes things simpler.

They come with auto start and stop feature. The machine will start automatically once the notes are placed inside it and will stop when the count is done.

The total count of the notes will be displayed on the LCD display for you to see.

Most of the modern counting machines also come with touchscreen support for easy operating.

4. Rupee Counting Machines are Portable & Convenient

Most note counters are portable and handy so that you can carry them to wherever you wanted.

You can also buy the dual powered machines (battery + electricity) so that you can operate the machine even with batteries. This is beneficial especially when you go to a remote place where there is no electricity but wanted to count the cash.

There are multiple advanced functions like batch mode, free mode, check mode, stamp mode etc…which are beneficial for users with varied requirements.

Some machines also come with secondary display unit for customer convenience. These can be seen mostly in banks at the cashier counters.

5. Cash Counting Machines are Intelligent & Advanced

Not just stylish, these machines also come with advanced intelligence.

They are very smart to guess the operations done by you, then self examinate and inform when there are any such issues with the future operations.

Some machines can also recognize different denominations and display the total amount separated by the notes count.

6. Note Counter Machines Come with Fake Note Detector

The #2 USP of the note counting machines is the ability to detect counterfeit currency, besides counting the notes.

Yes, with so much of duplicate notes being circulated in our India, it is high time that you should use a fake note detector machine to stay safe.

Not just fake notes, these machines will also give you a warning with a beep when you insert torn or unusable notes in the machine.

Fake denominations are definitely a great loss to your business as well as the economy.

So, in order to simplify your business operations and avoid any impact on your business growth due to fake currency notes, it is recommended to invest in the best note counting machine from a reputable brand.

Buying the note counters may be a bit costly in the beginning but you can reap the benefits in the long term.

Buying Guide for Note Counting Machine in India

Before purchasing a fake note detecting currency counting machine, it is highly advised advised to take these factors into consideration as it help you make a wise decision.

1. Multiple Counting Options

You’ve 3 different types of counting machines – counter, mixed bill and bill sorter.

  • Counter: Simply counts & displays the number of notes kept inside the machine regardless of their value. (Ex: if you place 100 qty of 2000 rupee notes, then it just shows the count as 100). Helpful when you’ve kept all the notes in perfect sync.
  • Mixed Bill Counter: This option evaluates the currency value and also displays the count. (Ex: if you add a denomination of 10 x Rs.50 + 10 x Rs.100 + 4 x Rs.500, then it displays the value as Rs.3500 and the count as 24).
  • Bill Sorter: It is a mix of both – counter and mixed bill. They also have multiple trays for separating currencies into sacks of their own denomination.

2. Type of Money Counting Machine

There are 2 types of note counters – portable and electric powered.

  • Portable Note Counter: It is simply a battery operated currency counting machine, which is easy to transport and lightweight. It counts considerably less quantity of notes compared to electric powered counter but come with fake note detecting feature.
  • Electric Powered Note Counter: This counter-top currency counter with counterfeit detector needs electricity to operate and can count large sums of denominations. It also comes with several other advanced features, multiple sorting trays etc…and is ideal for small & commercial businesses.

3. Counting Speed

To save time and effort, it is advised to invest in a machine that counts maximum number of notes per minute.

An average cash counting machine in India comes with a counting speed of 900 to 1500 notes per minute.

4. Hopper Size and Type

Along with counting speed, you should also make sure that the hopper size is adequate so that you can insert multiple notes at once.

5. Batch Feature

There are few machines that automatically stops at the pre-set number and manually straps the cash in batches for deposit.

6. Error and Counterfeit Note Detection

Fake currency notes is the biggest issue faced by small, medium and large scale businesses these days.

So, getting a cash counting machine with fake note detector is obviously a wise decision.

These machines make use of UV light and Magnetic Sensors to detect the fake currencies and if they found any suspicious note, the note is separated with a notification through visual, audible alarm.

7. Software Update

Although the machine has several advanced features of counting and finding counterfeit notes, if it doesn’t have the software update support, then it is a waste investment.

So, always ensure that the machine you’re purchasing gets regular software updates as you’ll never know when the Government plans the next demonetization in India.

With the latest software update, these machines can tackle the new notes released by the Reserve Bank of India almost immediately.

How to Use a Cash Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector?


Note Counter Machine FAQs

Which is the best note counting machine?

ooze Note Counter is one of the best advanced note counter machine which is ideal for places where cash handling is high. It supports old and new currency notes as well.

How many stacks of money can these cash counters count?

Most of the popular note counting machine companies support up to 1000 notes per minute and at least 200 to 300 stacks capacity.

How accurate are the cash counting machines?

In real-world scenario, these note counting machines are very accurate. In fact, you can expect up to 99.99% accuracy when it comes to top brands.

Are currency counting machines legal?

Yes, they are legal. They are mostly used by companies or institutions where there is a need to count huge stacks of money.

What is the best fake note detection technology?

Yes, they are legal. They are mostly used by companies or institutions where there is a need to count huge stacks of money.

What is the best fake note detection technology?

There are two major technologies used in the detection of counterfeit notes – UV (Ultraviolet) and Magnetic Resonance.

When compared, the magnetic resonance is a bit more advanced than the UV based detection systems.

Anyways, having a note counter with both UV and Magnetic resonance technology is recommended.

Does the feed hopper positioning matter?

Yes, the way hoe the Hopper is positioned plays a minor role in the money counting process.

Usually, the front placed Hoppers makes it easier to load the cash into the machine.

How does the counter report errors?

Every counting machine comes with a digital display screen where all the errors (if any) are usually displayed through a specific error code.

What are the common causes of counting errors?

A few common reasons why the machine shows counting errors include:

– System malfunctions due to overuse
– Incorrect cash loading
– Loading hard materials other than cash
– Inefficiencies in sensors
– etc…


These are the Top 10 cash counting machines in India with fake note detection technology. These note counters not only save your valuable time in counting large sums of money in minutes but also save you from the mental trauma of finding counterfeit notes with utmost perfection.