It is definitely a good idea to have a bike/car tyre inflator handy while you’re travelling long distances, especially alone. However, very few people understand that.

Imagine, in the middle of nowhere, you are stranded with a flat tyre. There is no help around.

What would you do without a tyre inflator?

How well you manage your car tyres and maintain those shows how responsible you are. Adequate and proper maintenance ensures long-lasting tyres and saves a lot of money and time.

best car tyre inflators india

While all tyres would lose, pressure, regardless of use or not due to temperature changes, leaks, or normally air passage through the rubber.

Moreover, tyres tend to be under flat, which makes it difficult to control the tyre when it is swerving or may cause the tyre to wobble vigorously when it is at high speed. Tyres may blow out as well.

Hence, a responsible person should invest in a lightweight and portable tyre inflator to inflate the bike/car tyres quickly. This could be helpful in case of an emergency like getting a puncture or a flat in some deserted place or in the middle of the night.

Top 5 Best Car Tyre Inflators in India

Tyre InflatorFeaturesWeightWarranty
1.TUSA Digital Air Compressor Pump (The Best)12V, flat tyre to 33 PSI in 4 min, 12.10 feet cable, Auto Shut-off1.18 Kg1 Year
2.AmazonBasics Portable Digital Tyre Inflator12V, 10 foot power cord, built-in LED, Auto-Shut down1.15 Kg1 Year
3.RNG EKO Green Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator11.9 feet cable, 3 Extra Nozzles, Auto-Off, 750 gms2 Years
4.Bergmann Typhoon Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator150W, flat to 30 PSI in 2 min, 3M long cable, LED light800 gms1 Year
5.iBELL Heavy Duty Car Tyre InflatorBright LED light, Digital display, Auto-Switch off,1.73 Kg6 Months

Benefits of Tyre Inflators:

If you own a car, you have to be responsible enough to have a tyre inflator in the car. As anything might happen on the road, having a handy tyre inflator has plenty of benefits. Read on to discover more:

  • Ease of Use: Today, tyre inflators are relatively easier to use and operate, unlike before. You can attach them to your car tyres, switch on a button, and it starts working. It is convenient and easy to use.
  • Safety: Tyre inflators are the safest car accessories. It is non-technical. Anybody can use inflators as they guarantee the safety of the vehicle. The safety option also includes auto preset and shut-off functions.
  • Timesaving: Having a tyre inflator saves your time, as they are efficient and quick in pumping. They are portable, reliable, and durable. They are very handy when your tyre is punctured or flat. They are the best aid when you are in an emergency. They are fast, sturdy, and performance centered.

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Best Tyre Inflator for Car in India

1. TUSA Digital Air Compressor Pump

TUSA is a fast growing brand, especially when it comes to digital car tyre inflators in India.

It looks elegant and comes in a portable size. At the same time it can deliver superb performance.

TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator

The 12V digital tyre inflator comes with 12.10 feet cable which can easily reach all the four tyres of the car. The inbuilt pressure guage helps you check the air inside the tyres automatically.

The air compression pump can inflate a complete flat tyre to 33 PSI in just 4 minutes.

It also comes with automatic shut off feature, which turns the device automatically after it finishes filling the tyre with air.

You also get up to 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer. The item weighs 1.18 kg and can easily fit in your car’s boot space.

2. AmazonBasics Portable Digital Tyre Inflator

If you don’t know already, the AmazonBasics is a brand from Amazon, which is known for making high performance products at reasonable prices.

The same goes with this compact tyre inflator pump. The device comes in a compact size with carrying case that can easily fit in your car or even the bike for that matter.

AmazonBasics Car Tyre Inflator

It uses 12V power to fill air into the tyres and can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter port.

The device also comes with a 10 foot long power cord that reaches all tyres easily. There is also the digital guage with auto shut-off feature.

In case if you wanted to fill the air during the night times, you can make use of the built-in LED light,

The item weighs 1.15 Kg and you get 1 year of warranty from Amazon.

3. RNG EKO Green Digital Heavy Duty Car Tyre Inflator

This stylish looking tyre inflator pump is ideal for cars, bikes, bicycles and all other inflatables.

You can just plug the inflator into the 12V power outlet in your car/bike and set the air pressure you desire.

RNG EKO Green Heavy Duty Air Compressor Pump

And, with just a button-click, your car/bike tyre will get inflated easily. Thanks to the auto-shut off feature, the device will turn itself OFF when it completes filling the desired air into the tyres.

There is also a built-in LED light that comes handy during the odd hours.

It comes with a 11.9 feet long range cable that reaches all the four tyres comfortably.

You also get 3 extra nozzles that are useful to refill air inside your basketballs, footballs, air beds etc…

The air compression pump weighs just 750 grams and you get up to 2 years of manufacturer warranty, in case of any defects.

4. Bergmann Typhoon Heavy Duty Metal Car Tyre Inflator

If you’re looking for a heavy duty tyre inflator for your car/bike, then you should definitely check the Bergmann Typhoon tyre inflator.

Unlike the other inflators that are made of plastic, this one is build using a strong metal that is able to withstand tough conditions.

Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator

They also produce very less noise and vibration thanks to the sturdy design and can even radiate heat better when compared to the plastic inflators.

Thanks to the 150W heavy duty 100% pure copper core motor inside the air compressor pump, you can fill a tyre from flat to 30 PSI in just 2 minutes.

It comes with built-in high precision pressure guage that gives 100% accurate readings

The rubber air hose braided (knitted) and is rat-proof, heat proof too.

The unit comes with a 3M long power cord that can reach all the four tyres of your car comfortably.

You can also use the LED light in dark or low light conditions. The inflator also doesn’t require any maintenance for its lifetime, which is definitely astounding.

The item weighs around 800 gms and you get 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer for any defects.

5. iBELL Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

This is another good quality heavy duty car tyre inflator that lasts very long and can withstand heavy usage.

You can operate the inflator by connecting it to the cigeratte lighter outlet in your car. Using it is also very straightforward.

iBell Heavy Duty Car Tyre Inflator

Just connect the nozzle to your tyre and using the simple control button, you can set your preferred air pressure and it will take care of the rest.

You can see everything clearly on the LED display located on top of the device.

There is a large torch to help you during the nights or low light conditions. You will also be getting a few extra nozzles to use with other inflatable materials like foot ball, volleyball, bicycles, swimming rings etc…

The item weighs around 1.73 Kg and you get 6 months of warranty in case of any defects.

Car Tyre Inflator (Buying Guide)

A tyre inflator, also called a compression air pump, is a high prey unit device. It’s main purpose is to push air out into the punctured or deflated rubber tube or tyre.

Using a 12V power plug, the inflator connects to the power unit. It also includes a manometer (built-in) to read tyre pressure.

Types of Tyre Inflators

You would find four different types of tyre inflators. It is very important to know each of these types to make sure you are making the right choice.

1. DC Tyre Inflator

All tyre inflators have almost the same functions. However, the power source differs. 12V DC is a common type of tyre inflator that connects to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. The reason being that all cars usually have a cigarette lighter that is also the central point of the vehicle. Through this, the tyre inflator reaches all the tyres without any foreign aid or power cord.

It is a cordless inflator.

Only disadvantage: If the car’s battery is low, you cannot use it.

2. Cordless Tyre Inflators

A lithium-ion battery powers the cordless type of tyre inflators. It is a handheld device, very easy to use, and quite expensive. It gives brilliant power too.

3. Manual Tyre Inflator

As the name suggests, this type of tyre inflator is equipped with non-slip foot pedals and cylinders. This type of inflator is extremely handy when it comes to an emergency. It does not require electricity. It works great for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers.

4. Digital Tyre Inflator

The digital tyre inflator comes with pre-set function, which makes it easier to inflate the tyre easily and conveniently. The pre-set digital gauge and digital compressor are included with a white LED light. It enables you to inflate the tyre even at night.

Tyre Inflator Features

  • Tyre inflators are made of high-quality materials that do not wear or tear after a few uses
  • They come with gauges to check the level of air pressure that is pumped into the car types
  • They feature auto shut-off
  • They have multipurpose functions
  • They are easy to carry, portable, and light

Let’s understand these features in details:

a] Auto Shut-off

Consider auto-shut off as the decisive option when you are buying a new tyre inflator. It is an important feature that could prevent hyperinflation, which is a common mistake that car owners make while pumping the tyres.

The auto-shutoff feature comes to your rescue when you misjudge the gauge that causes uneven tire pressure.

It works by allowing users to input the required PSI manually. Once the tire reaches that PSI, it shuts down automatically.

b] Speed of Inflation

How long does it take a unit to pump up a tyre?

It is very important to figure this out as it can give you an idea about how long you would have to wait before the tyre is fully filled. A faster inflator is preferred so that you can hit the road quickly.

c] Digital Gauges

There are analogue and digital gauges in tyre inflators. Older cars have analogue gauges in the air pumps that work well.

However, today’s cars come with digital gauges. It has a bigger test, which is easy to read and provides an array of unit conversions.

It is important to consider the accuracy of the gauge to inflate tyres to its desired pressure.

d] Quality of Build

Top-quality tyre inflators can hold up and deliver excellent performance over time. It features an excellent build to ensure it lasts long enough to bring you out of unwanted breakdowns carefully. Check for durability, reliability, and sturdiness of tyre inflators.

e] Size & Portability

Consider the portability of an inflator, as you want to ensure that it is light and easy to use. It should be easy to store as well.

Small tyre inflators are usually 20cm X 20cm or even less. It allows the convenience of storage and ease of use.

f] PSI Rating

It is important to check the tire pressure of the vehicle. The amount of air pressure pumped into the car’s tire depends on various factors starting from temperature to the type of tires and wheel combination. The PSI rating is mentioned on the tire.

g] Run Time

Most car manufacturers urge not to run units continuously for over 15 minutes. Thereafter, it should be allowed to cool for another 15 to 30 minutes. Overheating might damage the compressors.

h] Cord Length

The length of the cord is an important factor. A longer cord makes it easier to get to the tires for filling. It implies that you need not move the unit while in use.

As valve stems may not be in the right position for hooking up to them, it is important to consider the length of the cord.

i] LED Work Light

If your tyre is punctured at night, you would need this feature. The LED light is a great help in the dark. It signals to other drivers on the road for assistance.

j] User-friendly

A complicated tyre inflator is useless in an emergency. It might only add to your frustration. When you are buying a tyre inflator, make sure it is user-friendly in terms of features, ease of use, and a manual for beginners.

Car Tyre Inflator Price

Budget is an important factor when you are considering buying tyre inflator. To buy a good quality, effective, and efficient inflator, you should consider a reasonable enough budget to meet your needs.

Final Word

With all these features and benefits listed above, you are now fully aware of the factors and features to consider before buying the best car tyre inflator in India. There are several models to choose from, each having unique specifications and features.