In this article, we’ll be talking about the Best Mattress in India for sleeping, suitable for people with neck/back pain issues and senior citizens.

A old and worn-out mattress obviously causes sleepless nights, isn’t it?

A poor-quality mattress may not only impact your good night’s sleep but also affects your overall health and happiness.

An average person spends around 1/3rd of his life sleeping. Good sleep is the essence of improved health and also helps maintain optimal emotional & psychological well-being.

Therefore, it is certainly worth investing your time to choose the right mattress and have a great night’s sleep.

Check out our comprehensive Mattress Buying Guide (with FAQs) that will help find the best mattress for sleeping. Also find the different mattress types in India.   

Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India 2021

1. Sleepwell Mattress

Sleepwell is undoubtedly the #1 mattress brand in India. They have been making quality mattresses and other home comfort/furnishing products at very competitive prices.

Sleepwell Cocoon 2-in-1 Mattress

They’re the flagship brand of Sheela Group, which is the popular manufacturer of Polyurethane foam in India.

They have around 10+ manufacturing units, 100+ distributors and 4k+ exclusive dealers across the India.

The Sleepwell mattresses range include:

  • Orthopedic Mattresses: For those suffering with back pain.
  • Balance Mattresses: A perfect blend of comfort and support, suitable for regular sleeping needs.
  • Naturalle Mattresses: Made of 100% natural and breathable Latex material that provides comfort for all sleeping postures.

All their mattresses come with a 30 day free trial period and they’ll also bear the return shipping costs as long as the delivery address and pick up address aren’t changed.

Here are a few best Sleepwell mattresses for different purposes.

2. Wakefit Mattress

Wakefit is our #2 choice when it comes to high quality memory foam mattress in India.

Unlike Sleepwell, they’re into the making of several other products in the home decor and furniture niche.

Wakefit Orthopedi Memory Foam Mattress

The Wakefit mattresses are excellent especially when it comes to orthopedic mattress for people with back pain issues.

They have spend more than 1500 hours in the Research & Development (R&D) to create the best mattress for sleeping and they’ve obviously succeeded.

The Wakefit mattress range include –

  • Dual Comfort Mattress – For regular folks with varied needs. One side of the mattress is firmer while the other side is soft.
  • Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – These are designed especially for those with severe back pain problems.

All their mattresses come with 100 Nights of trial period and 10 years of warranty.

Here are few good Wakefit mattresses for starters –

3. Kurl-on Mattress

Kurl-on is our 3rd best mattress brand in India and they’re also popular for their most affordable mattresses.

Kurl-on Spring Mattress

They have a huge variety of mattress catered to different needs and individual requirements.

According to their official statement, Kurl-on manufactures mattresses in 126 different configurations.

The Kurl-on mattress range include –

  • Pure Coir Mattress – Made of rubberized coir material and is the most affordable of of all the varieties.
  • Kurlobond – Made of thick bonded foam, topped with high density coir blocks on top and bottom. The springy effect is created using the RC layer.
  • Relax – Made of high density PU foam and is good for sleeping.
  • Dream Sleep (Spring Mattress) – This is made of high tensile bonnell spring with helical circular wire support and PU foam for side comfort.
  • Spinekare RC – Made of high density bonded foam, rubberized coir and luxurious memory foam materials. Excellent for back pain problems.
  • Magnum Plus – Made of PU foam with high resilience comfort layer on the top for additional comfort.
  • Desire Top – Another spring mattress (reversible) with smooth finish.
  • Bandhani – It comes with sweat absorbing fabric and has amazing spine support.

They accept returns if the customer is not satisfied by their mattress and also offer 5 years of warranty on their product.

We personally like only the Kurl-on Spring Mattress. No one could beat them in that segment. For other types of mattress, we suggest going for other brands in the list.

4. Emma Mattress

Emma is another popular mattress brand from German that makes their mattresses here in India.

Emma Memory Foam Mattress

They are also one of the top-rated mattress in nearly 20 countries, with over 1,000,000+ happy customers around the world.

The Emma mattress range include –

  • Emma Original – These mattresses are engineered for a perfect good night sleep.
  • Emma Ortho – These are made especially to alleviate different types of pains and body aches.

They offer 100 nights of trial period and get full refund if you don’t like the mattress.

You also get 11 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

Here are top mattress picks from Emma for different needs –

5. Peps Mattress

Peps is another popular spring mattress manufacturer in India that also makes other types of mattresses for varied uses.

And, as we said, they’re better known for making spring mattresses that are made of excellent quality Bonnell springs and PU foam quilt for plush comfort.

Peps Spring Mattress

The Spiral lock technology prevents the springs from displacement or breaking due to tossing or pressure.

These are the reversible mattresses that can be used from both sides and could last for several years.

They don’t offer any trial period. However, you can ask for a refund if the mattress has any defects or didn’t match your specifications.

Here are the best Peps mattresses that we pick –

6. The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company is another growing mattress brand in India that makes highly comfortable mattresses using their patented SmartGRID technology.

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Mattress

Their mattress not only ensures comfortable sleep but also reduces your back pain significantly over a period of time.

This is mainly possible because of the SmartGRID technology that utilizes pressure points to reduce body aches.

The company also promises 100 nights free trial and up to 10 years warranty with free shipping in India.

Here are the best mattresses from the sleep company

  • SMART Luxe – Available in 8/10 Inches size
  • SMART Comfort – Available in 6 inches size (Best for Sleeping)
  • SMART Ortho – Available in 5 inches size (Good Back Support & Comfort)

7. SleepyCat Mattress

Sleepy Cat is another leading mattress brand that is also India’s first manufacturer of mattress-in-a-box.

Sleepycat Orthopedic Mattress

They are specialized in making foam mattresses and latex mattress in different size requirements.

They offer 30 nights free trial with free shipping and up to 10 years warranty.

Here are the best sleepycat mattresses that we pick –

8. Sleepyhead Mattress

If you’re looking for budget mattress in India, then you have the SleepyHead brand.

Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress

Yes, SleepyHead is known for making affordable mattresses with good comfort and support for all types of people.

They are offering 100 nights trial period and will give a full refund in case if you don’t like their mattress.

Here are the best sleepyhead mattresses to pick from –

  • Sleepyhead Sense – It is a 3 zoned orthopedic PCM cooling foam mattress, for those with serious body aches.
  • Sleepyhead Original – It is a 3-layered orthopedic memory foam mattress, good for people with back issues.
  • Sleepyhead Flip – Comes with high density foam mattress on both the sides (firm/soft).

9. Springtek Mattress

Springtek is another popular Indian mattress brand that makes affordable sleep mattresses for varied uses.

Springtek Folding Mattress

They have a customer base of over 1M and still counting, with amazing positive reviews on Amazon, Flipkart, Google and Pepperfry.

Springtek offers 30 nights of risk free trial after which you can return and get the full refund in case if you don’t like the quality.

They also offer best-in class warranty of up to 11 years on their mattresses.

Here are the best springtek mattresses that we suggest –

10. Duroflex Mattress

Duroflex is a 5 decade old mattress brand in India that also makes several other sleeping accessories with good quality and at best price.

Duroflex King Size Foam Mattress

Their beds are vacuum packed in a box for easy shipping and can revert back to their original size once you get it out of the box.

Their mattresses are crafted/designed for every need like traveling, back aches, good comfort and support.

Here are the best duroflex mattresses that we pick –

  • Duropedic – Suitable for those with back ache and body aches
  • Energise – Gives a good night sleep and helps relieve stress
  • Natural Living – Made of Eco-friendly latex material and safe for children
  • Essential – Most affordable mattresses with high quality material

These are the top 10 mattress brands in India that are worth your money, as they offer free trial, amazing customer support and come with a minimum of 10 year warranty.

How to Choose The Best Mattress for Your Needs?

Buying the right mattress to comfort your weary body and mind can be challenging. There are different types of mattresses in the market today and it can be intimidating to understand which is most suitable for you.

Give a shot to this complete mattress buying guide and make a wise purchase decision.

1. Identify Your Lifestyle Needs  

Before you buy, it is crucial to determine the primary reason to have a mattress –

  • Do you have poor back health and want a mattress that provides excellent orthopedic support?
  • Do you have a hectic life and need a mattress that provides good night’s sleep, helping you wake up feeling more energized?
  • Is long-lasting comfort and sustainability your primary concern, and want a mattress that is environment-friendly?
  • Are you looking for superior comfort and quality at an affordable price?

Taking your lifestyle needs into consideration will help choose the right type of mattress.

2. What is Your Sleep Position?

Everyone has their favourite sleeping position and understanding it will help you buy the right mattress that improves your overall sleep experience and health.

  • If you are a side sleeper, pick a mattress that aligns with your body shape and contour. It should provide support to key pressure points around hips and shoulders, primarily felt in this sleep position.
  • For back sleepers, a mattress ranging between firm and medium-firm is ideal. It should render optimal spine alignment, providing improved comfort.
  • If you prefer sleeping on the stomach, pick a mattress that cushions and supports that midsection of your body and keep the spine well-aligned. Make sure it is not too firm or too soft.
  • For frequent toss-and-turn sleepers, do not buy a firmer mattress that can impede smooth roll-over. A spring mattress can be an ideal choice to hold the motion and prevent it from spreading across the mattress.

3. Types of Mattress

Essentially, you will get the following kinds of mattresses in India:

  • Spring mattress: With a durability of around 6 years, spring mattresses are bouncier and provide medium comfort. However, the mattress features motion transfer, i.e. you will notice every time your partner moves in the bed.
  • Coir mattress: This is made using coconut coir and is Eco-friendly in nature. It has a strong and firm base but can sag over time. The firmness of the mattress can sometimes cause pain and discomfort.
  • Foam mattress: The mattress uses foam instead of coir and is more comfortable & soft. It is suitable for back pain and has a long life of up to 8 years. Foam mattress is more expensive and can cause discomfort when moving around because the body sinks into it.
  • Memory foam mattress: These are more innovative and feature an open cell structure that retains the pressure points even after you are out of bed. The mattress provides support to both stomach sleepers and side sleepers. However, it is sensitive to high temperature and may causing sweating while sleeping.
  • Airbed mattress: These are made of polyvinyl chloride, rubber or urethane plastic and are lightweight to use. The mattress is inflatable and ideal for side sleepers who have lower back pain. A disadvantage is these are prone to leaks and punctures, and can be noisy.
  • Latex mattress: These mattresses are available with different levels of firmness so that you can choose one that perfectly fits your body and sleeping style. The advantages are natural bounciness, temperature regulation and superior body contouring. The limitations are these are difficult to find in your nearby store and are most expensive.

Depending on your sleep pattern, body requirements and budget, you can choose from one of these mattresses.

4. Size & Thickness of the Mattress

Firstly, the size of your mattress should be well-aligned with the size of your bed. While you can always have made-to-order mattresses depending on the size of your bed, the following standard sizes are available in India –

  • Single size mattress: May vary in sizes from 72×36 to 75×36 inches and mostly suitable for a child. A bulkier adult may feel cramped in it.
  • Double size mattress: It is the most suitable size for two average-sized adults, ranging from 72×48 to 75×60 inches.
  • Queen size mattress: The size is bigger than a standard double-sized mattress and may come in the size range from 72×60 to 78×60 inches.
  • King size mattress: It is most suitable for a couple and a child, and comes in size range 72×72 to 78×72 inches.

When it comes to assessing the thickness of the mattress, it is important to take your body weight into consideration. Lightweight individuals will prefer shorter and thinner beds, while heavier adults would want thicker mattresses.

Most mattresses available in the market are 10 inches thick; however, this may vary from 5 inches to 15 inches.

5. Firmness of the Mattress

There are two vital factors contributing to determining the firmness of the mattress – weight of the person and his/her sleeping position.

Heavier adults weighing over 60 kg would choose a firmer mattress, while people below 60 kg weight can pick a softer one.

Your sleeping position also plays an important role here. If you prefer sleeping on your sides, a softer mattress is ideal for you. If you tend to sleep on your stomach or back, a firmer and heavier mattress would provide more comfort.

6. Mattress Support

The mattress’s support is its ability to provide improved alignment for the pelvis and the spine. It should provide an even surface and not sink beneath the body weight, especially in the heavier parts.

Initially, all mattresses tend to deliver optimum support depending on your body’s shape. However, softer mattresses like memory foam or latex tend to lose their consistent support over time and may cause discomfort.

Comparatively, airbed mattresses or spring mattresses provide better support.     

7. Comforting Ability of the Mattress

For improved comfort and a good night’s sleep, the mattress must essentially conform to the body weight and shape, helping the spine to pelvis to align optimally.

A mattress with good conforming ability can also prevent development of pressure points.

Typically, the top layer of the mattress says a lot about its conforming ability and therefore, you should pick one that features a thicker comfort layer. Latex or memory foam have the best conforming abilities.

8. Motion Isolation

When you want uninterrupted and comforting sleep at night, your partner’s movement disturbances can be the biggest impediment.

Look for a mattress that does not feature motion transfer. This means when your partner moves around in the bed, you will not feel the motion due to the mattress’s firmness.

Typically, firmer mattresses like coir, latex or foam do not feature motion transfer and can reduce partner disruptions while sleeping. Spring mattresses are most uncomfortable in terms of motion isolation.  

9. Durability of the Mattress

Typically, a good mattress will last for around 7 years depending on how rigorously you use it and the material it is built with.

Coir mattresses have a shorter lifespan while memory foam or foam mattresses can last more than 7 years.

Airbed or latex mattresses also have a longer lifespan. However, it is ideal to replace your mattress every 7 years.

10. Budget, Cleaning & Maintenance

Finally, choose a mattress that is easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

It should ideally fit your budget but make sure it has the features you are looking for to have a good sleep experience.

Do not compromise with your quality of sleep to have a cheaper mattress. It can impact your health in the long-term.

11. Warranty, Trial Period & Return Policy

Since you’re buying these mattresses from the online stores, you’ll need to be careful about the warranty and return policy offered by the brands.

Most companies offer a minimum warranty of 1 year to 10 years, depending on the mattress type and brand reputation.

And, almost all the brands offer 30 days return policy in case if you find any defect or don’t like the quality of the mattress.

Lastly, it is better to buy the mattress brands that offer a trial period of min 30 days to 100 days so that you can try the mattress personally for a few days and then return if it doesn’t impress you.

Mattress User FAQs

Should I use a softer or firmer mattress?

It depends on the person’s body weight, sleep position and lifestyle needs. Ideally, you should pick one that isn’t too firm or too soft, and aligns with your body contours.

How long should I use a mattress?

Do not wait for the mattress to sag completely before you replace it. Once it starts losing elasticity or becomes discomforting, you should change it. Do not use a mattress more than 7-8 years.

How should I clean my mattress?

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean your mattress. You can gently scrub the mattress with baking soda solution and vacuum clean it to rigorously disinfect it and eliminate all dust, germs and molds.

Regularly clean the bed linen or any mattress cover.

My mattress emits an odor. How to prevent it?

When new, all mattresses release some harmless gases which cause an unpleasant odour. Before using it, keep it in a well-ventilated room for few days. This will cause the odour to dissipate on its own.

Which mattress brand is best in India?

The top 5 mattress brands in India are – Sleepwell, Wakefit, Emma, Sleepycat and Springtek.

Which is the best mattress for back pain in India?

For people with back pain issues, any good orthopedic mattress from brands like Emma, Springtek and Wakefit will just be fine.

What is a pillow top mattress?

Most people think that a pillow top mattress will come with an in-built pillow. But, that is completely wrong.

A Pillow top mattress has a very soft cushioning layer at the head point to provide additional comfort to the person who is sleeping on it.

You can refer to the specifications of a mattress where you’ll find the term ‘extra soft’. Just got for it.

What is a reversible mattress?

A reversible mattresses comes with cushioning on the either sides – firmer on one side and softer on the other side.

You can simply place the firmer/softer side of the mattress facing upwards, depending on your personal comfort levels.

Which is the best mattress for pregnant women?

Pregnant women can simply go with either the memory foam mattress or latex mattress. Both are good in terms of comfort and support.

And, never choose the spring or coir mattresses at any cost.

Which mattress is best for kids?

Latex mattress are usually the best choice for growing kids as they are made using natural elements and also come with good support and comfort.


Buying a mattress can be tricky. Hopefully, this comprehensive mattress buying guide will help you choose the right mattress that improves your sleep experience and ensures a good value for money.

And, when it comes to the Best Mattress Brand in India, you need to pick the mattress type that personally suits you. The proverb ‘One Size Fits All’ doesn’t apply here.