Are you thinking about buying a used treadmill in order to lose weight or improve your heart health?

It might seem a pretty clever idea as you get the used treadmill at a much cheaper price when compared to the brand new treadmill.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while searching for a used treadmill machine for home use.

New vs Used Treadmill (Buying Guide)

Multiple Repair Works Done

The first thing to look at when buying a second hand treadmill is whether the treadmill has undergone multiple repair works or not.

Most sellers keep this point a secret as it could depreciate their treadmill’s worth.

However, you should carefully enquire about its repair work data and take action accordingly.

If the treadmill has undergone multiple repair works in a less span, then you should better avoid buying it.

Condition of the Running Belt

The running belt is like the heart of the treadmill as it provides enough cushion and support for you to keep running continuously without fall.

So, take a closer look at the running belt of the treadmill, both the upside and underneath.

If you notice any signs of wear & tear due to excessive usage, you should better stay off from buying that machine as the belt replacement is a bit costly affair and you might get a decent brand new treadmill for your investment.

For better clarity over the running belt condition, you can ask the seller for permission to run on the machine for a few minutes so that you can feel the friction and any sounds coming out of it.

Motor Working Condition

Without a proper working motor, your automatic treadmill can just be yet another costly manual treadmill, isn’t it?

Most people keep their treadmill in a dusty area when not in use for several days which makes the dust go into the motor and as a result its performance is hindered.

It may also be a result of over usage of the treadmill.

So, when you run on the machine for a few minutes or so, you can easily notice whether the motor is working fine or dying out quickly.

Remember that replacing the treadmill motor with a new one is a very costly affair.

Latest Technology/Features

You might have to adjust with the limited features of a used treadmill if you’re tight on budget. 

And you can’t expect latest/advanced features like automatic incline, auto lubrication etc… in a multiple years old treadmill.

However, if you’re lucky, there are a few people who go out of the country for job purposes and might consider selling their recently purchased treadmill that is used less often.

Warranty Support

Most treadmill brands provide a warranty of 1 or 2 years max and you’ve bought a used treadmill that is way older than 2 years, then you will not be getting the warranty in any case.

So, please be prepared about the additional maintenance and repair costs while buying a used treadmill for home use.

Is it Good to Buy a Used Treadmill?

Of-Course, Yes! But, only if you could find a known person who uses his treadmill with utmost care and regular maintenance like cleaning and lubrication.

You might adjust with the outdated features of a treadmill because all you want is a good workout machine to fulfill your running or fitness needs.

But, never adjust with the remaining factors as a single malfunction in the treadmill can cost you a fortune and make you feel that buying a new treadmill is much better.

Tip: Never purchase a commercial treadmill used in the fitness centers of gyms as they’re heavily used by a number of people over the years or else you’ll have to shell out a lot of money in terms of its maintenance and repair costs.

Hope you understood the pros and cons of buying a used treadmill vs new treadmill. So, take a wise decision before investing your hard earned money.