We’ve already seen what is TDS Controller and how to measure TDS levels in water.

But, there is a new feature called ‘Mineralizer’ that is widely being used in all the latest RO water purifiers in India.

So, today in this article, let us find out what is mineralizer and how does it work in relation with the TDS controller.

What is a TDS Controller?

TDS Controller Device in Water Purifier

TDS controller is a device used in a water purifying machine to mix RO purified water with untreated water in order to achieve ideal TDS levels of water.

TDS means Total Dissolved Solids and almost every water purification system comes with the TDS controller that reduces the TDS of water by almost 90%, which is safe for human consumption.

Say for example, if our water source has a TDS of 600, then our RO purifier with the help of a TDS controller will bring down the TDS to around 60.

What is the Ideal TDS of Water for Drinking?

According to BIS, the ideal TDS for drinking water should be between 50 ans 500. The lower the value, the better the water for consumption.

If your water source has lower amounts of TDS value, then you should consider purchasing the water purifier that improves the taste, smell and quality of the water, rather than investing on multi-stage purification systems.

How Does the TDS Controller Work?

  1. The pressurized water is sent through the pre-filter, sediment filter and carbon filter via a pump.
  2. The water then gets divided into 2 streams with the help of a T-extension.
  3. The 1st stream of water goes through the RO membrane where low TDS levels are achieved and finally reaches the UV chamber.
  4. The 2nd stream of water is directly send to the TDS controller and later to the UV chamber.
  5. Both these streams now gets treated under the UV lamp in order to eliminate all kinds of virus, bacteria etc…and then passed on to the UF filter for alkalization.
  6. Finally, the RO treated water is stored in the purifier tank for drinking use.

So, this is how the TDS controller works in order to maintain the TDS balance in the water.

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What is a Mineralizer?

Mineralizer Catridge Filter in Water Purifier

The mineralizer is the latest feature offered by all the popular water purifier brands in India.

It works on the concepts of electrolysis and ionization.

To achieve electrolysis in the water, the variable voltage of DC is passed through the Ionization chamber where the Copper and Silver are utilized to release positively charged ions in water.

Since the copper and silver have antibacterial properties, they help in killing all the germs and prevents algae from spreading.

How Does the Mineralizer Works?

  1. When the water enters the Ionization chamber, positively charged ions are released to purify the water.
  2. While the Silver is a natural toxin for bacteria, the Copper removes any form of algae.
  3. While the positive terminal in the mineralizer produces acidic water, the negative terminal produces alkaline water.
  4. There are no side effects for this process as both the Copper and Silver have anti-toxic properties.
  5. The taste and smell of the water will also gets enhanced as part of this process.

TDS Controller vs Mineralizer [Comparison]

While the TDS controller ensures the TDS quality of water is maintained at optimum levels, the mineralizer ensures the release of essential minerals that are lost during the RO purification process.

Water Purifier TDS Controller Process Flow Chart

Some other major differences between a TDS controller and mineralizer.

TDS ControllerMineralizer
Not all the water is passed through the RO membrane.100% of your input water gets treated by the RO membrane.
Not suitable for water containing heavy metals like lead and arsenic.All heavy metals gets completely eliminated from the water.
The device is very small in size and affordable too.It is the size of a regular cartridge or filter used in an RO. The price is also a bit higher.

Both of the TDS Controller and Mineralizer have their own importance in purifying the water and hence required to be included in all the water purifier machines.

So, it is highly advised to purchase a RO water purifier with a TDS controller + Mineralizer for better absorption of all the essential minerals required for our overall health.