Like any other consumer product, almost all the RO water purifiers come with a minimum 1 year of warranty period.

It is highly advised to check with your water purifier brand about the Annual maintenance cost (AMC) and the nearest service center in case of any issues with your RO purifier, to ensure the longevity of your water purifier.

RO Water Purifier Service Centers in India with Customer Care Numbers

[Checklist] Water Purifier Maintenance Tips

It is to be noted here that a regularly well-maintained RO purifier is free of any physical or organic impurities.

Here are a few maintenance tips to follow in order to get the best purified water from your RO.

1. Clean/Replace the RO Filter

The main component of an RO water purifier is the filter and it needs to be kept clean in order to get the most purified drinking water.

Besides the TDS controller and mineralizer, the RO purifier generally has different filters like UV chamber, UF membrane, RO membrane, Sediment filter, and the activated carbon filter.

RO Filter Change Schedule for Various Filters in Water Purifier
Normal Filter Change Schedule of an RO Purifier; Source:

The service technician, in warranty period, visits your home once every 3 months and cleans the filters of any impurities or mud attached to their inner lining.

And, the filter needs to be replaced with a new one once every 12 months or so, especially if your water source has higher TDS levels.

These filters are generally changed by the service technician and you don’t have to worry about it as long as your device is under warranty.

2. Replace RO Membrane

RO purifiers are the most widely used devices for house purposes and they make use of the membrane technology in order to purify the borewell water, which usually has high TDS content.

As a result, the RO membrane attracts a lot of dissolved matter when the water passes through it for purification. Hence, the life of the membrane gets affected as the dust particles clog the pores, thereby resulting in foul tasting drinking water.

So, if you notice any such signs, it is advised to immediately change the RO membrane with a new one.

3. Never Ignore Drips or Leakages

Is your water purifier having water leaks? Don’t neglect it. Contact the customer care immediately to inform them about the drips or leakage problem and get it fixed as early as possible.

Water leakage means drop of water levels, which results in the over-functioning of the purifier, thereby reducing the lifespan of its filters and other parts unnecessarily.

4. Get the RO Serviced Regularly

Ensure that your water purifier is serviced regularly by the authorized technician for optimum water purification at all times.

Most RO brands offer free replacement of parts during the warranty period and hence it is advised not to miss the regular checkups.

Remember that after each service visit of the technician, in case of filter change/cleaning, you should drain the first tank of water.

Also, never drink water that is stored in the tank for more than 48 hours. Make sure you drain it completely and let the water purifier produce fresh drinking water for you.

5. Annual Maintenance Cost

When your RO water purifier is under the warranty period, you don’t have to pay any money (including filter changes) to the service technician.

It all falls under your AMC contract as part of your RO purifier purchase.

This applies even to those people who’ve purchased the water purifier from the online stores like or and the official RO websites like,, etc…

If your warranty period is completed, then the AMC costs around Rs.3000 to Rs.6000 per annum on average (includes replacing of worn out parts).

How to Contact Water Purifier Service Center?

Almost every RO purifier brand has got their dedicated service centers in major cities in India.

You can contact them during the working hours, either on the toll-free number or mobile service App (if any).

In case if you wanted file any complaint regarding the local service centers, you may directly write to their official email address.

Below are the customer care numbers of most popular RO water purifier brands in India for future reference.

Aquaguard RO Customer Care

Aquaguard is a product of Eurekaforbes, which is one of the best home appliance brands in India that has a lineup of products like water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners etc…

Kent RO Customer Care

Kent is another popular RO purifier brand that also has other products in their kitty like the cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and water softeners.

HUL Pureit RO Customer Care

Hindustan Unilever Ltd. is headquartered in Mumbai and is mainly into foods, homecare, beauty & personal care markets. Pureit is their sub-brand for manufacturing best-quality water purifiers in India.

  • National Helpline Number: 1860 210 1000 or 1860 180 1000
  • West & North – 9223200200
  • East – 9230500500
  • South – 9243100100
  • Email Id:

Blue Star India RO Customer Care

Blue Star Limited is one of the leading air conditioner brands in India, which has other line up of products like air purifiers, water coolers, refrigerators, etc…

  • Toll-free Service Number : 1800 209 1177
  • Alternative Customer Care Number: 1860 266 6666
  • SMS facility: Type “Service” without quotes and send it to 57575 from your registered mobile number
  • Email Id:

Livpure RO Customer Care

Livpure is renowned brand dedicated to selling UV/RO water purifiers and air purifiers at affordable prices in India.

Final Word:

Whatever brand you choose, remember to read the RO water purifier’s AMC contract before deciding on your purchase. Also, save the service center and customer care numbers of the respective manufacturers as they come handy when you’ve any issues with your RO in the future.