Since the state of the drinking water resources is at its bad position in India, it has become a necessity to use a water purifier at home.

A lot of brands have entered this market and hence the competitive pricing that is making everyone to get one for their house.

And, that is where the after sales questionnaire about water purifiers comes into place.

Since there are many water purifier brands in India, you should ask them some questions before purchasing from them.

On an average, a water purifier could last for 10 to 15 years, if well-maintained with frequent servicing and filter replacements.

Water Purifiers - After Sales Service Questions
Important After Sales Service Related Questions You Should the Water Purifier Manufacturers/Sellers in India
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10 After Sales Questions about Water Purifiers in India

Does the water purifier come with a warranty? What is covered by the warranty?

Of-course, every water purifier comes with a warranty period. While some brands offer 1 year warranty for all serviceable parts, others also offer an additional free service period up to 3 years with some limitations.

But, do know the difference between a warranty and a free-service period.

You get free replacement of defective parts in a warranty. Whereas, you’ll have to pay for the defective parts while the servicing is free for that period. They’ll just cost you for the parts and not the service.

What is Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)? Which Parts are Serviced for Free?

Well, every water purifier comes with an AMC, especially the premium ones.

Mostly, the companies cover the essential parts like UV lamp, pump, adapter and other mechanical parts. These are replaced for free as part of the contract.

The other parts like filters have to be paid when replaced.

Are Spare Parts Easily Available for Water Purifiers?

This is one of the vital questions you should ask the seller before purchasing a water purifier for your home.

Ensure that only the genuine (branded) parts are used for replacement.

Ask for a copy of AMC as it helps you know which parts are covered in free replacement.

How to Raise a Support Ticket for Repairing after Purchasing the Water Purifier?

This is another crucial question to ask the seller. Because, anything may happen and your water purifier may stop working all of a sudden.

Ask for the process of raising a support ticket and the time for addressing the request.

Have the helpline numbers handy.

Does the Technicians Charge for their Visit? How Much?

This is a must question. Ask whether the technicians charge for their visit every-time. Generally, when your water purifier is under the warranty period, the technicians do not and should not charge any thing.

In case if your warranty period ended, then you will have to bear their travel expenses as well as the replacement charges.

The amount depends on the distance of your house from the service point.

How Frequently Should the Filters & Membranes be Replaced?

Generally, if the water source has high TDS, then it is recommended to change the filters every 6 to 9 months. Else, you can change them once every year.

Make sure that the water purifier is having ‘filter change’ alarm feature.

Can I Change the Filters/Membranes Myself?

If your water purifier is under warranty, then it is suggested not to attempt any such things on your own.

Let the technicians do that for free of charge.

If anything wrong happens while doing it yourself, the warranty becomes void.

Do You Offer Buy-Back Facility when an Upgraded Water Purifier is Released?

Generally, there won’t be any such buy-back offers. But, you can ask the seller in case if they’ll offer any discounts for your old one if you buy their upgraded water purifier.

Well, these are the most common after sales questions you should ask the seller before purchasing their water purifier.

Always, follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the warranty or contract note. It will help you get the best out of your water purifier.