As we Indians along with the world are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of our readers have been asking one question in common – whether the air purifiers can help protect against coronavirus or not?

Well, the answer is Yes, if you look at the theoretical approach.

As of now, the Coronavirus is mainly transmitted from one person to another through contact.

Best Air Purifier for Coronavirus

However, some experts say that the virus may also get transmitted through the air.

If that is true, then air purifiers with HEPA filtration efficiency can definitely capture those airborne coronaviruses.

What is the Size of CoronaVirus?

According to the NCBI, the size of the coronavirus is ~0.125 micron in diameter.

And, the HEPA filters are able to capture up to 0.01 micron and above.

So, a HEPA air purifier can definitely capture the virus that causes Covid-19.

Does the Air Purifiers Save you From Attracting Coronavirus?

Well, the virus is actually being spread through coughing and sneezing, which suggest that it is airborne to most of the people.

However, the virus-laden droplets usually travel only about 6 feet after which they fall and settle on the surfaces.

This is the main reason why the CDC is suggesting everyone to maintain social distancing (up to 6 foot) along with practicing frequent washing of hands and using disinfectants on the surfaces to protect yourself from the coronavirus.


So, HEPA purifiers should not be considered the ultimate line of defense against the Coronavirus since you can only use them inside your home, office and car and not in public places like malls or theaters.