Inverter battery is like the heart of the home Inverter and it should be maintained properly on regular basis to improve the battery life, thereby getting the maximum out of your investment.

The first thing that comes to the mind of any one when they think of Inverter battery maintenance is to fill the water in battery. Isn’t it?

Well, it is true because water that goes into the battery will be converted into oxygen and hydrogen gas through a chemical reaction.

And, as a result, the water in the battery gets evaporated very quickly, depending on the usage.

Filling Distilled Water in the Battery

This makes the internal plates perform inefficiently.

So, it is highly advised by the experts to regularly check your battery water levels and top it with distilled water.

But, Why use Distilled Water in Inverter Battery?

The water we use regularly for drinking or household purposes contain lots of dissolved minerals, impurities and salts, which can form a layer on the internal plates.

This could affect the normal functioning of the inverter battery.

Regular usage of normal water can result in the reduced lifespan of your inverter battery as they contain non-ionic compounds or dissolved minerals.

Whereas the Distilled water has no salts, organic or in-organic compounds and minerals in it.

So, there is no chance of your inverter battery getting damaged when using the distilled water.

Hence, all the Inverter brands suggest using only distilled water (battery grade water) as it helps improve the battery performance and also its lifespan.

Can We Use RO Water in Inverter Batteries?

RO water or the water treated using Reverse Osmosis technique is another process that makes the water free from unwanted salts, ions and all kinds of impurities.

So, it can also be used in your inverter battery as long as you keep a check on the pH, water hardness and TDS as per the required measurements so that the functionality of the battery is not compromised.

Distilled Water vs RO Water for Inverter Battery: Which is Best?

When you want your Inverter battery to perform at its best, it is suggested to use the distilled.

This is because the RO water may contain higher TDS value, pH levels or water hardness, which the regular RO water purifiers can’t eliminate.

So, use the water from your RO purifier only in emergencies when the distilled water is not readily available.

Hope, you understood the importance of using only distilled water in the inverter battery.

How to Fill Distilled Water in Inverter Battery Yourself?